Julien Pichené, with Solène Delinger 10:27 am, December 04, 2023

On Friday, December 1st, Bruce Toussaint said goodbye to BFMTV after five years of good and loyal service for the non-stop news channel. The journalist will host a morning show on TF1 from January 8. We already know that the journalist Maud Descamps, who used to work for Europe 1, will be there.

Bruce Toussaint said goodbye to BFMTV on Friday. The journalist returned to the news channel for the last time. "Finally, a word to say goodbye to you because this is my last one, here at BFMTV. I have spent five unforgettable years thanks to you and your loyalty," he said, visibly moved.

"I thank very sincerely and very warmly the editorial staff who do a wonderful job every day all over France and the world to inform you. Thank you to the technical teams," he continued. Bruce Toussaint will start a new life on TF1 in a month's time. He will host a new morning news show starting January 8th. Until then, everyone is busy. At TF1, we are in the process of putting together the team of columnists and journalists who will work for this new show.

Karima Charni tipped to take part in TF1's morning show

We already know that Maud Descamps will leave Télématin for TF1. Thomas Sotto confirmed this on Friday in Culture/Media. Karima Charni, who hosts the daily Star Academy every night, is also being considered.

A race against time for the front page

There is a rumour about Valérie Damidot. Europe 1 contacted her and she assured that she had not been approached by TF1. So everything is still a bit of a blur... With five weeks to go before the show kicks off, we also don't know its name or precise timings. Nothing has been decided yet. It's quite a race against time in which the TF1 teams are currently participating to ensure that everything is ready on January 8th...