A 26-year-old suspect of Chinese nationality was arrested for forging his residence card and My Number card at home. Data such as images that appear to be 3000,<> counterfeit cards were found on the confiscated computers, and the Metropolitan Police Department is investigating them in detail.

The arrested suspect is 26-year-old Zhou Sakura * Tei, an unemployed Chinese national from Osaka City.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, around the 12th of last month, he was suspected of violating the Immigration Control Act and forging official documents with a seal for forging 13 residence cards and 9 My Number cards using a computer and printer at home.

Based on the data sent by the person who seems to be the instructer, it is believed that the suspect received a reward of 6,1 to 2000,1 yen per day from around June and repeatedly forged.

In addition to the seizure of 6000 unprinted cards with fake IC chips from the suspect's home, at least 750,3000 images and other data were found on the computer.

He has admitted to the charges.

The Metropolitan Police Department is also investigating the motives and supervisors who want to counterfeit the cards.

* Tay is "woman" bias and "tei"