When I met Xu Shiyang, he was sorting out the goods in the Tongxin Convenience Supermarket in Wuyi New District and checking the sales. Xu Shiyang, a native of Taipei, Taiwan, is optimistic about the development prospects of the mainland, and he came to Fujian in 2019 to join Fujian Tongxin Entrepreneurship Development Group Co., Ltd. as deputy general manager. The company operates a public bonded warehouse wholly owned by Taiwanese businessmen and several concentric convenience supermarkets, which also gives Xu Shiyang more room to display in the mainland. A few days ago, this reporter made an appointment to visit Xu Shiyang in Nanping, Fujian.

【Period】Xu Shiyang, deputy general manager of Fujian Tongxin Entrepreneurship Development Group Co., Ltd

There are job opportunities here, so I came to work here in Fujian. In Fujian, I came here in 2019, and the company's development is called chain convenience stores, bringing some of Taiwan's convenience stores to this platform, whether it is the business model, Taiwan's management model, or Taiwan's supply model, and bringing some of Taiwan's experience to this platform, and introducing Taiwanese talents, so we also expect to develop more chain convenience stores through this platform in the past few years.

In September 2019, Nanping Tongxin Trading Co., Ltd., a wholly Taiwanese businessman, landed in Wuyi New District as the main operating unit; In 9, the company changed its name to Fujian Tongxin Entrepreneurship Development Group Co., Ltd., and built a public bonded warehouse in Wuyi Zhigu Software Park, Wuyi New District; In September 2020, the Tongxin Bonded Warehouse Project passed the acceptance of Fuzhou Customs and was approved for establishment.

【Period】Xu Shiyang, deputy general manager of Fujian Tongxin Entrepreneurship Development Group Co., Ltd

When our company landed, they (government departments) were very enthusiastic and enthusiastic to know what we needed, so how they could assist us, then they also gave us some policy support, such as rent and gave us some halving, so that when we started a business in the early stage, our cost can be reduced, or in terms of transportation accommodation, we also have talent apartments, then we also invited a lot of Taiwanese college students, we have invited them to come here for internship and training, In the process of internship and training, they also feel that Nanping is actually a very enthusiastic place, and after they graduate from school, they will want to continue to go back to Nanping and continue to work in Jianyang.

【Commentary】In the Taiwan Commodity Exhibition Center, there are a variety of Taiwanese specialties and daily necessities such as pineapple crisp and Taiwanese soy sauce. Xu Shiyang told reporters that these commodities carry the ideals and beliefs of the young cadres of the Tongxin Group in Taiwan to continuously explore the road of cross-strait integration and development.

【Period】Xu Shiyang, deputy general manager of Fujian Tongxin Entrepreneurship Development Group Co., Ltd

The construction and development of the mainland is very fast, and I also feel that the language is actually fluent here, and I am also used to eating, and our brand is called Cross-Strait Concentric. The two sides of the strait are concentric, which means that the two sides of the strait have the same root and the same origin, we are all a family, in fact, I don't feel that I am leaving my hometown to work, I have always felt that the life here, and then the care and care received here, are the same at home, there is not much difference.

Since the release of the "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Supporting Fujian in Exploring a New Road for Cross-Strait Integrated Development and Building a Cross-Strait Integrated Development Demonstration Zone" in September, Fujian has focused on the needs of the vast number of Taiwan compatriots and based on improving the well-being of Taiwan compatriots, and has studied and formulated a number of policies and measures. Xu Shiyang said that the first batch of 9 measures issued by Fujian not long ago have enabled Taiwan compatriots to pursue their dreams, build their dreams, and realize their dreams in Fujian without worries, and have also strengthened their confidence in taking root in the mainland.

【Period】Xu Shiyang, deputy general manager of Fujian Tongxin Entrepreneurship Development Group Co., Ltd

Regarding the construction of a cross-strait integrated development demonstration zone, Fujian issued the first batch of 15 policy measures, and the release of these policies has also brought more convenience, and also made those of us Taiwan compatriots working here more confident, and then more determined that we want to work here. In the future, we will also bring in more (Taiwanese) college students, and even (Taiwanese) young people who are interested in working here to try it out.

Reporter Wu Shengwei reports from Nanping, Fujian

Editor in charge: [Luo Pan]