The "Dish of the Year," which selects a symbolic food that reflects the state of the world, was chosen as the "Rice Ball" with plenty of ingredients. The reason is that the gorgeous appearance has become a hot topic mainly on SNS, and specialty stores have opened one after another.

The "Dish of the Year" is announced at this time every year by companies that conduct surveys on food, based on the number of searches on gourmet sites and consumer surveys.

"Rice balls" with plenty of ingredients, "Rice Flour Gourmet" using domestic rice flour instead of imported wheat, "Scallops" affected by China's suspension of imports of Japan marine products, and "Land-farmed fish" where fish are grown in places other than the sea were candidates, and "Treat Onigiri" was selected as a result of the selection.

In addition to becoming a hot topic on social media due to its gorgeous appearance, the main reason is that the style of tasting freshly nigiri at restaurants has spread, and specialty stores have opened one after another, mainly in urban areas.

In addition, the amount of spending on the consumption of onigiri is on the rise, and it is sold overseas under the name of ONIGIRI, and the traditional food culture of Japan is becoming widespread.