Yangzhou, December 12 (Reporter Cui Jiaming) The publication symposium of "General History of Yangzhou" was held in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province on the 4th. Zhang Changjin, member of the Standing Committee of the Yangzhou Municipal Party Committee and Minister of the Propaganda Department, said at the publication symposium, "Take history as a mirror and create the future." The purpose of studying history is to preserve history and apply it to the world, summarize and learn from the lessons of history, and better serve the present and enlighten the future. ”

On December 12, the publication symposium of "General History of Yangzhou" was held in Yangzhou, Jiangsu. Photo by Cui Jiaming

As one of the few cities in China with a general history, Yangzhou has experienced the prosperity of the Han Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty, and has made important contributions to the development of the Chinese nation and accumulated profound cultural heritage. Zhang Changjin said, "The General History of Yangzhou is the first rigorous and standardized academic work to systematically study the history of Yangzhou City, starting from the Neolithic Gaoyou Longqiuzhuang site to the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949, spanning more than <>,<> years, showing the geographical changes, political evolution, construction and evolution, rise and fall of the city, military struggle, economic development, The social and cultural outlook summarizes the main characteristics of Yangzhou in various historical periods, and explores the reasons for the rise and fall of the past dynasties, which is of great significance for preserving the memory of the city, continuing the cultural context of the famous city, highlighting the feelings of the family and country, and enhancing cultural self-confidence, so as to promote the urban construction and economic and social development of Yangzhou, and promote the construction of Yangzhou with a scholarly fragrance. ”

Yangzhou has always attached great importance to the study of academic culture, such as the Sui and Tang Dynasties' "Anthology of Literature", the Song Dynasty's Erxu "Speaking Literature", the Qing Dynasty's "Yangzhou School" and "Yangzhou Eight Eccentrics", etc., have achieved remarkable results and far-reaching influence. At the forum, the relevant person in charge of the compilation committee of the "General History of Yangzhou" said that in terms of culture, from ancient times to the present, from officials to the people, all strata of Yangzhou Shinong, industry and commerce have a special awe and hobby for culture; in various fields and categories of academics, arts, and technology, they can form their own schools and be unique, and they all have first-class representative figures in the country, and some skills "Yangzhou Gong" have become recognized logos. More importantly, the Han Dynasty, the Sui and Tang dynasties, and the Qing Dynasty objectively existed in the surrounding areas of Yangzhou with a Yangzhou cultural circle linked by river, Cao, salt, and learning.

The General History of Yangzhou is a large-scale academic research project hosted and promoted by the Yangzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, commissioned by the Propaganda Department of the Yangzhou Municipal Party Committee and compiled by Yangzhou University, which was compiled in 2017 and officially published in November 2023. "General History of Yangzhou" has been selected as a key book publishing planning project of the national "11th Five-Year Plan" and a key project funded by the National Publishing Fund. The book is divided into six volumes and eight volumes, with a total of more than <> million words. (ENDS)