In a rear-end collision caused by a deer with four cars involved in Lengenfeld (Vogtlandkreis), damage of 11,000 euros was caused. No one was injured in the accident on Friday, police said on Saturday. After a 55-year-old driver hit a deer with his car, a 61-year-old woman realized the situation too late. According to police, she did not brake in time and pushed the two cars in front of her onto the car of the 55-year-old. The vehicle of the 61-year-old and the car of a 27-year-old were no longer roadworthy and were towed.

Number of personal injuries in wildlife accidents is decreasing

According to figures from the Federal Statistical Office, the number of people involved in accidents involving wild animals fell from a nationwide peak in 1993 to around 2600,<> last year. If a wild animal is standing at the side of the road, the Hessian State Hunting Association advises you to brake in a controlled manner, dip your headlights and honk your horn. If a collision is unavoidable, the driver should not take a risky swerve, but hold on to the steering wheel and brake.

After a wildlife accident, the first thing to do is to secure the scene of the accident with hazard lights and triangles and to alert the police. The officials can then notify the hunting leaseholder or the responsible forestry officer. If the animal is injured, do not approach it, otherwise it could panic and run away.