Laurent Mariotte SEASON 2023 - 202412h30, 02 December 2023

Laurent Mariotte surrounds himself with bon vivants for a show about everyday cooking: whether they are chefs, artists or intellectuals, they have in common this passion for eating well and share it for 1h30 with the listeners of Europe 1. Gourmet walks through the markets and among the producers, simple recipes and advice close to the concerns of the listeners... The unmissable event for gourmets!

Seasonal products and advice, Laurent Mariotte and his bon vivants are here for the sixth season of La table des Bons vivants! A show to help you eat well and understand what you eat.

This week, the show is relocated to the Ain department, in the Pont d'Ain maturing cellars, south of Bourg-en-Bresse. Laurent Mariotte is surrounded by the food critic Emmanuel Rubin, whom you read in Le Figaro, and the bistronomic chef Yves Camdeborde.

Every week, Laurent Mariotte and his columnists talk about their taste of the week. Whether it's a flavour that marked their week, a restaurant that caught their eye, a dish they cooked or that was concocted for them. The opportunity to discover new flavours or new addresses, favourites but also rants. This week, Laurent Mariotte also welcomes the show's journalist Marion Sauveur to his table. She fell in love with the faisselles of the Laiterie d'Etrez-Foissiat: white cheeses moulded with a ladle, in two batches, in their shop in Saint-Denis-Lès-Bourg. Emmanuel Rubin talks to us about the book Marseille, un jour sans faim! Yves Camdeborde makes us salivate with a beautiful address in the region: La cuisine d'Augustine in Priay. And Laurent Mariotte prepares for the holidays with the pâté d'Albret.

It is also an opportunity for you, dear listeners of Europe 1, to tell us about your taste for the week. If you wish to participate, you have two options: on the Europe 1 answering machine on 01 80 20 39 21 (non-surcharged number) or on the Facebook page of the programme "Laurent Mariotte, le groupe des bons vivants d'Europe 1". One listener will be selected each week.

In the second part of the show, this week, we head to the Laiterie d'Etrez-Foissiat shop in Saint-Denis-lès-Bourg. Marion Sauveur went to meet the customers of the cheese factory to find out more about the local specialities, including Bresse butter and Bresse cream. Laurent Mariotte, Emmanuel Rubin and Yves Camdeborde will taste these delicacies. In particular, there are two Bresse creams, both with a protected designation of origin (PDO), both delicious.

We then continue to talk about the cuisine of Aindi. The must-have is Bresse poultry: an exceptional bird, dressed for the holidays in its traditional white linen. You can also taste the carp of the Dombes and the famous frogs of the Dombes. Another local speciality is the Nantua sauce, made with crayfish butter and which is a wonderful accompaniment to pike dumplings in particular. There are also beautiful cheeses in the region: Bleu de Gex, Morbier and Comté. It's all good!

Then, head to one of the site's 10 maturing cellars. In all, 3,000 square metres are dedicated to the maturation of pressed cheeses and lactic cheeses in this Cheese Workshop in Pont d'Ain. In this huge cellar, master refiner Romain Bardou tells us about the principles of his profession. He makes us taste a wheel of raclette that is still in the process of being matured.

Emmanuel Rubin focuses on a book, which tells us about the neighbouring Bugey... It is La Table au pays de Brillat-Savarin, written in 1892 by Lucien Tendret. The land of Brillat Savarin is Bugey. And in this country, there is the native village of Brillat-Savarin: Belley.

Then it's time for the dish of the day. Laurent Mariotte, Yves Camdeborde, Emmanuel Rubin welcome Romain Bardou and Marion Sauveur to their table to share a raclette. And there's plenty to do: plain / wild garlic / mustard / 3 peppers / truffle / Swiss raclette / raclette de Savoie PGI / sheep / morbier.

At the end of the episode, columnist Yves Camdeborde introduces us to the wine of Bugey and more particularly Cerdon. And Laurent Mariotte is on the grill of the Bons vivants, for the first time! He answers questions from his columnists Yves Camdeborde and Emmanuel Rubin. What is the dish of your childhood? What's always in your fridge? What's your secret address? What is the word for hunger? These are some of the questions asked to Laurent Mariotte. And we learn that he has a passion for toast.

Tastes of the week

  • Laurent Mariotte: Albret's pâté

  • Marion Sauveur: the faisselle moulded with a ladle, twice, from the Laiterie d'Etrez-Foissiat

  • Emmanuel Rubin: the book Marseille, a day without hunger! published by Hachette

  • Yves Camdeborde: the restaurant La cuisine d'Augustine in Priay

> You too can tell us about your taste of the week on the Europe 1 answering machine on 01 80 20 39 21 (non-surcharged number).

Feature of the week

At the Laiterie d'Etrez-Foissiat shop in Saint-Denis-Lès-Bourg around Bresse cream.

Feature of the week

The specialities of the Ain

With master refiner Romain Bardou, from the Caves de Pont d'Ain, in the Ain

This week's columns

  • Emmanuel Rubin: the book La Table au pays de Brillat-Savarin by Lucien Tendret.
  • Yves Camdeborde: the Cerdon of Bugey

Tasting: Cerdon from Domaine Alain and Elie Renardat Fache

The dish of the day

A raclette party with cheeses from the Pont d'Ain ripening cellar