On the 2nd, chickens raised at a poultry farm in Izumi City, Kagoshima Prefecture, were found dead, and when the prefecture conducted a simple test, it was found that they were suspected of being infected with avian influenza. In the future, if the infection is confirmed by genetic testing, it will be the first case at a poultry farm in the prefecture this season and the fourth case nationwide.

According to the prefecture, on the 2nd, there were reports of multiple chickens dying at a poultry farm in Izumi City, which raises about 2,3000 chickens.

As a result of a simple test conducted by the prefecture, it was confirmed that it tested positive for the avian influenza virus.

In response to this, at an emergency task force meeting held at 7 p.m., Deputy Governor Otsuka read Governor Shiota's comments on behalf of the prefecture, saying, "Poultry farming is a key industry in this prefecture, and we must make efforts to minimize the damage, and we will do everything possible to prevent the spread of the disease."

The results of genetic tests to determine whether or not it is avian influenza are expected to be available in the early morning of the 3rd.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, if confirmed, it will be the fourth case in Japan and the first at a poultry farm in the prefecture this season, and the prefecture plans to promptly dispose of the chickens.

Last fiscal year, a record number of 4 cases occurred at poultry farms in Kagoshima Prefecture, and approximately 13.137 million birds were culled.