• Cinema Concha Velasco, an actress of 'guts', dies

It hurt me to see her in the last few months, so small, so fragile... with what she had been. No trace of his lifelong strength. What always impressed me most about Concha was her strength and courage. No matter what happened in her life, as soon as she stepped on stage she transformed and was herself again.

We worked together for the first time on Sáenz de Heredia's film Relaciones casi públicas, which featured Manolo Escobar, Rafaela Aparicio and Manuel Alexandre. She bragged that she had met me long before, but it doesn't matter. I'd like to think I was always with her. From that point on, I worked with her on countless films.



Concha Velasco, an actress of 'guts', dies

  • Written by: LUIS MARTÍNEZ Madrid

Concha Velasco, an actress of 'guts', dies

Dozens of films together: The Beehive, directed by Mario Camus; The Long Vacation of '36, by Jaime Camino; The Art of Getting Married, by Jorge Feliu... We've done everything, and I'm very satisfied with where I come from, because I'm always very aware of the kid I was.

It was all just a long preamble to I'll get off in the next one, what about you? They were two intense and perfect years not only of work, but of life.

We ended up making Marsillac's text our own in such a radical way that, without detracting from the author, I would dare to say that it was already ours. Hers and mine. Both. Then we made the film.

I think of her and I think of a whole generation of actors who were much more than just performers. She has ended up being part of the family of all Spaniards. Somehow, that soothes and comforts me. Because that, I imagine, is the usefulness of our craft. To serve for something, to serve for someone.

Why an actress like her has crossed generations. It has managed to be part of all the lives of all Spaniards. I am glad to know that her work was useful and that she exemplifies like no other the usefulness of working as an actress who becomes everyone's family.

His goodbye hurts me, it hurts me a lot, and it relieves me. Having met her is one of the great gifts that life has given me.

José Sacristán is an actor and one of Concha Velasco's great friends

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