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Cher last week on »Wetten, dass..?«

Photo: Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images

What should women have done once in their lives? If it's up to Cher, it's dating a younger man. On her promo tour for her new Christmas album, the singer not only had to appear in Thomas Gottschalk's last »Wetten, dass..?« Sitting on the sofa, but was also allowed to appeal to a younger audience during the »Chicken Shop Date« interview with Amelia Dimoldenberg.

For the YouTube talk format, the 29-year-old British presenter invites stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Ed Sheeran or Shania Twain to a fast-food restaurant to eat fried chicken with fries and chat. Dimoldenberg's interview style resembles a very unpleasant first date, which is why many clips of the conversations go viral.

Cher was now also talking to Dimoldenberg. The singer was obviously happy about the meeting, but not about the restaurant. The fries were "shit". But she likes Dimoldenberg's outfit, "because of the feathers."

She never dated anyone who had a bad style of dress, Cher says. Her current boyfriend, music producer Alexander Edwards, dresses superbly.

Cher is 40 years older than Edwards. She can only recommend such an age difference, the singer said. Older guys just wouldn't like them. Afterwards, she clarified that she could easily do without men, but that life would no longer be so fun. And that you can forget about a guy if he's a bad kisser. "If he can't kiss, you can forget about all the other things."

When asked which star impressed her herself, Cher named Meryl Streep and her first meeting with the actress. To Dimoldenberg's remark that she was jealous of her friendship with the Oscar winner, Cher countered, "Well, it went badly."