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Trucks driving in snowfall on the A9 motorway near Haar

Photo: Mladen Lackovic / IMAGO / Lackovic

The heavy snowfall causes long traffic jams on the motorways in Bavaria. On the A8 in the direction of Salzburg, a traffic jam near Munich already stretches over 30 kilometers, said a spokeswoman for the ADAC on Saturday morning. Across Germany, there are currently 96 traffic jams with a length of more than ten kilometres – all in Bavaria. The A6 and A9 are also severely affected.

The automobile club recommends temporarily refraining from non-essential car journeys and if so, then only driving with winter equipment, said the spokeswoman.

Munich police "urgently advise to avoid unnecessary trips"

The Munich police also "strongly advised to avoid unnecessary journeys and to only travel by car if it is unavoidable". She spoke of "exceptionally heavy snowfall".

The Lower Bavaria police reported about 350 weather-related operations from Friday evening to Saturday morning. There had been five traffic accidents with personal injury, "whereby the consequences of injuries fortunately were mild to moderate at best," the police said. There are numerous obstructions on the roads due to slippery snow and snowfall, and in many places cars and trucks have broken down.