An event was held in the mountains of Kanagawa Prefecture to enjoy the relatively low mountain "low mountain" while being careful of distress, and mountain rescue training using a helicopter was also released.

The event was held on the summit of Mt. Ono at an altitude of about 720 meters in Yamakita Town, and was visited by about 1000,15 people.

Of these, 1 police officers conducted the training on the assumption that one climber had slipped and injured his leg, and first carried a man who was acting as a victim from the slope to the summit using a rope.

After that, a police officer who came down from the helicopter attached a wire to a luggage that looked like a person in distress, and lifted it together to rescue him.

In addition, a map reading workshop and a tent experience course were held at the venue, and visitors learned about precautions and how to enjoy it.

A woman visiting from Tokyo said, "I realized how difficult it is when I saw the training, and I realized that I have to be careful when I climb the mountain."

Shunji Takekawa, a mountain guide who organized the event, said, "The low mountains in winter have the charm of being easy for anyone to climb, but there are some dangerous places, so please be careful not to cause accidents."