China News Service, Ningbo, December 12 (Xinhua) -- A reunion spanning 2 years: a 33-year-old Taiwanese compatriot "recovered" his 76-year-old sister

Written by Lin Bo Wu Yiling

"The genealogy records each generation of ancestors in detail. When I was out and about, I felt like duckweed, and now I've finally put down roots. Recently, 76-year-old Ren Shi, a Taiwanese compatriot from Xikou, Fenghua District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, returned to his hometown to look at the family tree after successfully searching for his relatives, and couldn't help but have red eyes.

Recently, Ren Shizheng (first from left) took a group photo with Jiang Yunhai and Ren Youshu (first from right). (Photo courtesy of Wu Yiling)

The story of Ren Shizheng and his sister Ren Youshu began in Xikou. The 76-year-old left his hometown with his father at the age of two, settled in Taiwan and then went to the United States. Due to the fact that he has traveled to many places for several years, he has lost contact with his 91-year-old sister Ren Youshu for 33 years.

Recently, the long-separated sister and brother achieved a reunion through the assistance of the Xikou Town Taiwan Compatriots and Returned Overseas Chinese Relatives Association (hereinafter referred to as the "Xikou Taiwan Federation").

As a filmmaker, Ren Shizheng "landed" in Shanghai in 1998 to develop.

"I wanted to find my sister's address but didn't get any useful information. Later, I contacted the Xikou Taiwan Federation through the Shanghai Taiwan Federation, and through their help, I gradually found the goal. Ren Shizheng admitted frankly that the road to find his sister was not smooth.

Jiang Yunhai, president of the Xikou Taiwan Federation, said in an interview on December 12 that after learning of Ren Shizheng's appeal, he immediately launched the volunteer service team in the Taiwan Federation system to carry out an operation, respectively inquiring about genealogy, Taiwan Federation registration information, etc., and contacted the public security.

"Mr. Jiang Yunhai helped me introduce the distant relatives of the Ren family of my family, and through the genealogy, I found my sister's address, and also found my father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and even the contact information of my nephew." Ren Shizheng said that the Ren family tree records the life and address of each generation.

Recently, Ren Shizheng returned to his hometown of Xikou. For him, this trip to Xikou is not only a reunion of sisters and brothers, but also a profound look back on the past and his hometown. In the process of searching for his roots, he discovered the ruins of his father's participation in the Anti-Japanese War, and was moved by the glory of this history.

"When I was sweeping the tomb, I saw a trench in front of the tomb, and my companions said that this trench was the site of the anti-Japanese war in Xikou at that time, which is really amazing." It turned out that Ren Shizheng's father was a soldier during the Anti-Japanese War.

He said: "Thirty-three years ago, my father took me back to Xikou to worship my ancestors. When I came back 33 years later, my father had passed away, and my brothers and sisters outside my family heard me about the current situation and wanted to come to our hometown to see and worship our ancestors. ”

"When I was a child, my father liked to make yellow croaker rice cakes and sauced crabs for me to eat, but when I arrived at Xikou, I found that this was the authentic taste of my hometown." In Ren Shizheng's eyes, the roads in his hometown are clean, the buildings are simple, and the lights on the banks of the Yanxi River are like day, and he hopes that more family members outside the country will return home to see.

It is understood that since the Xikou Taiwan Federation set up a volunteer service team to find relatives, it has been committed to helping Taiwan compatriots and Taiwan relatives on both sides of the strait find clues about their missing relatives, and has searched for more than 20 relatives, for example, he helped Tang Caiju, a villager in Xinjian Village, Fenghua District, find his relatives in Taiwan after more than 70 years of absence. (ENDS)