Mathieu Priore // Credits: HERVE CHATEL / HANS LUCAS / HANS LUCAS VIA AFP 12:38 p.m., December 02, 2023

Since Thursday, the 39th edition of the Children's Book and Press Fair has been held in Montreuil. This year, the authors had to adapt to the times. Writers now have to rely on social media to make their work known to as many people as possible. Europe 1 went there to ask readers and authors about this new trend.

From Thursday until Monday, the 39th edition of the Seine-Saint-Denis Children's Book and Press Fair is being held in Montreuil. It is Europe's largest children's literature fair. Nowadays, the way we discover a book or an author has changed. Blame it on social media, which has become a springboard for writers. The show succeeds in attracting all generations who have a common unifying point: a love of reading.

In the aisles of the fair, teenagers, adults and young adults flock to discover new authors who use social networks to interact with their readers. "Networks are an opportunity for us. Thanks to them, we are very close to our readers who can interact directly with us. It's a special relationship that allows you to find some of them in salons like this one," Alexiane de Lys, a novelist for young adults, told Europe 1, followed by 7,500 followers on Facebook and Instagram.

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A new way of reading

A revolution in the relationship between authors and readers, allowing writers to better promote their worlds. For those who are hungry for reading, social networks also allow you to create a close relationship with the creators of their favorite characters. "Today, we feel very close to writers. Beyond going to buy your book, the Internet really allows you to create a community," explains Emma, a literature student.