On the Tsugaru Railway, which connects Goshogawara City and Nakadomari Town in Aomori Prefecture, the "Stove Train" that heralds the arrival of winter has begun.

Since Showa 5, when it opened, the Tsugaru Railway has been operating a "stove train" with a coal-fueled "Daruma stove" installed in the car from this time every year.

On the first day, a commemorative ceremony was held at Tsugaru Goshogawara Station, where locals performed the Tsugaru shamisen.

Next, we moved to the platform of the station, and Chojiro Sawada, president of Tsugaru Railway, greeted us, saying, "Until March 1 next year, we would like to transport our customers on a stove train while striving for safety and security."

After this, the local kindergarten children shouted, "Departure proceeds!" and the first four-car train slowly departed.

Approximately 3 passengers enjoyed the unique winter train journey by looking at the snow-covered countryside of the Tsugaru region while warming up by the stove, and tasting the squirrel grilled on the stove.

A man in his 31s visiting with his family from Akita Prefecture said, "I came here because I knew that today was the day of the stove train.

This stove train will run daily until March 4, Reiwa 1.