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Rescue workers at the helicopter that crashed on a Spanish ring road in the morning

Photo: Juan Medina / REUTERS

In the Spanish capital Madrid, a helicopter crashed onto the busy M-40 ring road in the morning and crashed into a car. Miraculously, the two people escaped with minor injuries, as the rescue service announced on Platform X (formerly Twitter). The driver of the car was also only slightly injured.

While one of the two people in the helicopter was able to get out on its own, the other person was freed from the wreckage by firefighters, it said.

According to a report in the newspaper »El País«, the cause of the crash is still unclear. According to the information, the accident occurred near the Ifema area. This week, the "European Motors" trade fair will take place there. Television showed that all that was left of the yellow helicopter after the accident was a pile of rubble. He was lying on the median strip of the highway just before a bridge.