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Berlin police in action (symbolic image)

Photo: Andreas Friedrichs / IMAGO

Police have arrested nine suspects in raids against cocaine trafficking in Berlin. The officers found suspected cocaine as well as marijuana, amphetamine and ecstasy during eight searches in the districts of Kreuzberg, Schöneberg and Tempelhof, police and prosecutors said on Friday. The drug trade is said to have been organized via a delivery service.

According to the information, the accused, aged between 23 and 44, are said to have been operating the delivery service for cocaine since May 2023 at the latest. According to the report, the trade was carried out via a messenger service. The accused are said to have proceeded in a division of labor in the delivery and new procurement of the drugs as well as in the coordination of their trafficking.

The police had searched several buildings and numerous vehicles late on Thursday. The focus was on the apartments of the accused, alleged bunker apartments for the storage of narcotics and a betting shop.

Three of the detainees were released after an identification procedure, it said. The other six were to be brought before a magistrate on Friday. The investigation is ongoing.