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French DJ David Guetta will be in concert on June 29, 2024 in the Domaine national de Chambord. "An honour" for the director of AZ Prod, the organizer of the event, who assures that David Guetta's teams have already started working on the show.

After the concerts of Sting in 2022 and Imagine Dragons in 2023, the Domaine national de Chambord, in the Loir-et-Cher, will welcome the French DJ David Guetta on June 29, 2024, we learned from the organizer.

An icon of the Electro Dance Music community, he has created the greatest hits of recent decades with "Titanium", "Memories" and "Say My Name". Yes, it's all about @davidguetta!
He will do us the honor of being on stage in #ChambordLive on June 29, 2024⭐️

— Château de Chambord (@domainechambord) December 1, 2023

"It is an honour to welcome one of the most famous French artists in the world to Chambord in the year of the Olympic Games. Especially since it happens very little in France," Julien Lavergne, director of AZ Prod, organizer of the event, told AFP.

Will David Guetta do more than the band Imagine Dragons?

"David Guetta's teams have started working on the site to fully integrate it into the show," said the producer, promising a show that would combine music and pyrotechnics in particular.

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On 8 September, in the middle of a heat wave, the American group Imagine Dragons gathered 30,000 people in Chambord.