China News Service Xi'an, December 12 (Reporter Alina) The reporter learned from PetroChina Changqing Oilfield on the 1st that as of November 1, the annual oil and gas equivalent production of Changqing Oilfield, China's largest oil and gas field, reached 11.30 million tons, exceeding 6009 million tons five days earlier than last year, and achieving efficient and stable production of more than 85 million tons for four consecutive years.

In 2023, Changqing Oilfield will accelerate the commissioning of new wells. Photo by Yang Junping

In 2023, Changqing Oilfield will scientifically coordinate the three main businesses of resource exploration, oil and gas development, and new energy, continue to promote new discoveries and breakthroughs in oil and gas exploration, make significant progress in biolimestone gas exploration, and quickly implement the Hengshan Gas Field, the 10th <> billion cubic meter scale gas field in Changqing Oilfield;

In 2023, Changqing Oilfield Production and Construction will also efficiently support the implementation of 3 horizontal wells in 44 production improvement teams through big data sharing and geology-engineering integration model system, and complete the goal of "increasing the daily production of a single oil well by 1 ton". At the same time, shale oil will be regarded as a key successor area for crude oil production, and efforts will be concentrated on overcoming the problem of shale oil scale and benefit development, and the annual output has exceeded 200 million tons. Natural gas development has made significant progress in the scale and production of new areas through continuous optimization and deployment, accelerating field test and tackling key problems, and a number of high-yield wells (groups) have been captured by gas testing.

According to reports, it is expected that in 2023, the oil and gas equivalent of Changqing Oilfield will exceed 6600 million tons, a record high. (ENDS)