China News Service Lanzhou, December 12 (Reporter Feng Zhijun) According to the China Earthquake Network: At 2:12 on December 1, a 22.55-magnitude earthquake occurred in Subei County, Jiuquan City, Gansu Province (39.3 degrees north latitude, 97.27 degrees east longitude), with an epicenter depth of 5 kilometers. According to the Gansu Provincial Earthquake Bureau, the earthquake was clearly felt in Jiayuguan City, Suzhou District of Jiuquan City, Dunhuang City, Guazhou County, Ganzhou District of Zhangye City, and Gaotai County, and no casualties or property losses have been reported.

The epicenter of the earthquake is located in Shibaocheng Township, Subei Mongolian Autonomous County, 102 kilometers away from Shibao Township Government Station, 64 kilometers away from Yumen City, 207 kilometers away from Subei County, Jiuquan City, 101 kilometers away from Jiayuguan City, and 117 kilometers away from Jiuquan City. As of 2:0 on the 3nd, a total of 0 aftershocks of magnitude 2.3 or higher were recorded, with a maximum magnitude of 2.<>.

The epicenter of the earthquake was 10 kilometers south of the epicenter of the 24.5-magnitude earthquake that struck Subei County on October 5. At that time, 14 aftershocks were monitored within an hour of the earthquake.

At present, the Gansu Provincial Earthquake Bureau has launched the earthquake disaster information network to understand the disaster situation, launched the earthquake emergency command and evaluation system to assess the disaster situation, and held an earthquake consultation meeting to study and judge the post-earthquake trend. There is one natural village within 30 kilometers of the epicenter and two administrative villages within 50 kilometers, and there will be no loss of personnel and property at present.

The Gansu Provincial Earthquake Bureau has dispatched a total of 11 on-site teams from the Jiayuguan Earthquake Center Station of the Gansu Provincial Earthquake Bureau, the Jiuquan Earthquake Bureau, and the Subei County Earthquake Bureau to the earthquake site to carry out emergency response work. At the same time, the office of the Gansu Provincial Earthquake Relief Headquarters is dispatching the disaster situation, and the Gansu Provincial Emergency Management Department has notified 16 provincial-level rescue teams to assemble and stand by.

Jiuquan, which covers an area close to the size of two Jiangsu provinces, accounts for one-tenth of the total length of the Silk Road. Because of its excellent light, hot water and soil conditions, it is an important commercial grain and cotton base, melon, fruit and vegetable base in China. Subei County, where the earthquake occurred, is the only Mongolian autonomous county and border county in Gansu, with Xinjiang in the west, Qinghai in the south, and Inner Mongolia and Mongolia in the north, and is the largest county in Gansu Province, with a total area of 6,67 square kilometers and a permanent population of 1,51. (ENDS)