It's not easy to find a reliable "college entrance examination volunteer planner" [You can get a certificate by paying money, "Harbin Institute of Technology" and "Harbin Engineering" can't be distinguished]

□ reporter Han Dandong

□ Intern of this newspaper Zhai Qiyu

"My parents don't know much about the college entrance examination volunteers, and I myself am not sure what I want to study in the future, so we unanimously decided to turn to the college entrance examination volunteer consulting service agency, hoping to get a clearer college entrance examination volunteer filling plan." Zhang Yu, a Sichuan examinee who took the college entrance examination in June this year, recalled that many problems were found, and the service of the so-called "college entrance examination volunteer planner" was very unreliable.

Like Zhang Yu, there are not many people who consult institutions before filling in the college entrance examination, and many parents pay attention to the college entrance examination before their children enter the third year of high school or even earlier. Relevant surveys show that 88.1% of college entrance examination candidates are willing to choose the college entrance examination voluntary filling service, and the payment scale of China's college entrance examination voluntary filling market in 2022 will be 8 million yuan. Under the hot college entrance examination voluntary payment market, more and more educational institutions have begun to provide college entrance examination voluntary planning services. At present, there are more than 8,2600 "voluntary filling" enterprises alone, and the corresponding "college entrance examination volunteer planners" are becoming more and more popular.

College Entrance Examination Volunteer Planner, as the name suggests, is a type of person who provides college entrance examination volunteer consulting services for candidates and their parents, and they provide candidates with suggestions for filling in the college entrance examination volunteer for a fee.

Are these "college entrance examination volunteer planners" reliable? A reporter from the "Rule of Law Daily" recently interviewed and found that the current college entrance examination voluntary planning industry is mixed, and there are many applications for users to choose from, but most users evaluate it as "not easy to use"; Some "licensed" planners can't even distinguish between "Harbin Institute of Technology (Harbin Institute of Technology)" and "Harbin Engineering (Harbin Engineering University)"; There are also institutions that deceive candidates and parents into buying courses under the guise that teachers hold the "Professional Qualification Certificate for College Planners", when in fact the profession is not included in the latest version of the "National Vocational Qualification Catalogue" published by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

Planning platform problems are frequent

There are always errors in the reference data

Zhang Yu told reporters that she and her parents were introduced by acquaintances to a local college entrance examination voluntary filling consulting agency, and they were received by a man about 30 years old, wearing a shirt and holding a computer. After the two parties sat down, the planner immediately got to the point, asked Zhang Yu about his exam results and ranking, and then performed some operations on the computer.

"Okay, these are the schools." Soon, the planner handed Zhang Yu an A4 piece of paper with 11 colleges listed on it. Before Zhang Yu could open his mouth to consult related majors, the planner said that the service had ended, and the fee was 5000,<> yuan.

According to the rules of Sichuan Province, Zhang Yu needs to fill in 9 colleges, and each college needs to fill in 6 majors, a total of 54 volunteers. "The planner didn't provide professional help at all, and the whole process was extremely perfunctory and unprofessional." Zhang Yu said angrily.

She noticed that the other party had a website where she could search for rankings and school recommendations by entering her data. In fact, this is the only one that has helped her throughout the service process.

The reporter combed through and found that there are many websites or apps like this now. Taking a certain app known as "China's most authoritative college entrance examination intelligent volunteer filling" as an example, public data shows that since its launch of the AI intelligent filling system in 2020, a total of 1500 million candidates have registered to use the simulated filling volunteer. In 2022, 700 million candidates registered to use the mock application to fill in the volunteers, accounting for 59% of the number of students in last year's college entrance examination.

The reporter entered the score in the "simulated filling volunteer function" of this App, and found that only 3 to 5 colleges and universities will be displayed in each column of the "Stable and Guaranteed" colleges, and the remaining colleges and universities need to open VIP viewing, and the price is 98 yuan.

However, on a complaint platform, the app's VIP mechanism has been criticized by users. Mr. Zhang from Bayannur, Inner Mongolia, said that after he spent 98 yuan to buy VIP, he found that he only had 3 days of permission, and if he needed to use it after 3 days, he had to renew it again, and he could only change the results twice in the app. "My child's national bonus points are only valid if you apply for colleges and universities in the province, and if you look at other colleges and universities outside the province, you need to change your grades."

There are also candidates who complain that the "information is inaccurate" and "the admission probability is fake".

Li, a student from Qingpu, Shanghai, used the app to predict the admission of colleges after the college entrance examination last year, and he entered his scores into the "admission prediction" of the app to see how likely he was to be admitted to the colleges and universities of his choice. “16%。” He was taken aback by the acceptance rate, but in the end, he received the acceptance letter from the institution as he wished.

"I was lucky to be admitted, many students in my class with similar scores to me retreated after seeing the probability of admission, and later regretted seeing that I had 'landed'." Li told reporters.

And Wang, a student from Cangzhou, Hebei Province, was "pitted" by the high admission probability of this app. The system predicted that he had a ninety percent chance of being admitted to a certain college in Nanjing, so he decisively filled in this school as his first choice, but in the end, it was far from the admission score of the school.

There are also some students who have been misled by the school information published on the app. Liu, a student from an independent college of a university in Sichuan, said that when she applied for the volunteer, because she trusted the app, she referred to the information provided by it to choose a volunteer, and saw that the tuition fee of the independent college of the university was only 1700,<> yuan, so she joined the volunteer candidate, and was later admitted to the school.

But before the start of school, Liu received a notice that the tuition fee was 17000,1700 yuan, not 4,61200 yuan. "This erroneous tuition information will make me pay <>,<> yuan more for <> years of tuition, our family's economic conditions are average, and my parents are under great pressure." Liu said.

The inaccuracy of the pitch line information is also a problem reported by many users. Ms. Sun from Panjin, Liaoning Province, told reporters that the minimum score line for physics candidates recruited by a normal college in Henan Province in Liaoning Province in 2022 is 523 points, but the app shows a score of 434 points. "Misled by misinformation, my child was not admitted to this school."

Mr. Li from Guiyang, Guizhou Province used this app to fill in the volunteers for his children, and according to the member analysis report, Mr. Li filled in a total of 18 volunteers, but all 18 volunteers were out of file, and none of them were admitted. He complained to the platform, but did not receive a reply.

The interviewee said that there is also a college entrance examination voluntary filling platform that provides free admission score lines for colleges and universities over the years, and opens functions such as "introduction to college majors" and "subject evaluation", but the score line provided by it is inconsistent with the admission score line on the school's official website, and the information such as new majors and discipline evaluation of colleges and universities is not updated in a timely manner, such as a new "sports law" major in a university in Shanghai this year, but it does not appear on the platform.

Planners have a lot of problems

You can get the certificate by paying for training

The reporter's investigation found that not only there are problems in the service, but also many problems in the "college entrance examination volunteer planner" itself.

The reporter searched for keywords such as "college entrance examination volunteer planner" on a social platform and found that some training institutions used keywords such as "college entrance examination volunteer planner, a high-paying and easy career", "from novice to veteran: the secret of how to stabilize the realization of college entrance examination volunteer planners", "are you sure you don't want to come to see a career with certificates", and used keywords such as high salary and ease to attract users' attention.

Zhang, a candidate from Anhui, looked for information related to applying for volunteers from social platforms after the college entrance examination this year, and a post of "low scores can also help you fill in the volunteers, art students are invited" attracted her attention, she asked the blogger through a private message how to fill in the volunteer for the score line of her undergraduate freshness, and then the two added friends to each other, so she was pulled into a group of "application volunteers".

"At that time, when the volunteer registration was about to end, I quickly contacted the group owner, and he asked me to pay 800 yuan as a service fee, and his reply to me during the consultation process has been vague, and the tuition fees of several colleges and universities provided are frighteningly high, and I was deceived by them." Zhang said, "The group leader is a dance student, he doesn't know anything about the art major, and he advised me to learn dance if I can't pass the exam, and he can give me a discount." After volunteering, I messaged him and never replied to me. ”

The reporter found a full-time college entrance examination consulting service and training "college entrance examination volunteer planner" on the Internet, and the staff "teacher Dong" claimed that as long as 3480 yuan, you can get the certificate of "college entrance examination volunteer planner", and in this process, you can quickly get the certificate by completing two stages of course learning and then passing the exam. "You can also sign up without academic qualifications, as long as you study carefully, you will be able to get the certificate, and now the monthly salary of volunteer planners in the college entrance examination is tens of thousands of yuan."

"At present, the fee standard for college entrance examination volunteer planners on the market is 3000,5000 yuan to <>,<> yuan, and the fee standard is very clear, but the content provided is vague, even this is still welcomed by candidates and parents." "Teacher Dong" introduced the "bright" prospects of the "College Entrance Examination Volunteer Planner".

When the reporter asked which unit of the state issued the certificate, "Mr. Dong" claimed that the certificate was issued by the Vocational Certification Center and belonged to the industry-wide general certificate, and added that the certificate was issued by a public institution and could be found on the website of the unit that issued the certificate. "Teacher Dong" also showed the reporter a sample of the certificate, which was issued by the "Vocational Education and Training Center of the China Academy of Management Sciences". It is understood that the China Academy of Management Sciences is a scientific research consulting institution.

According to the National Vocational Qualification Catalogue (2021 Edition) published by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, "College Entrance Examination Volunteer Planners" are not included in the catalogue, and the related vocational counselors were also disqualified in 2017.

Chu Zhaohui, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Education Sciences, said that neither the profession of "college entrance examination volunteer planner" nor its certification certificate has been recognized by the state. Certificates of compliance and high-paying occupations claimed by institutions are inherently illegal. Institutions can do voluntary counseling related to the application, but they cannot use this for commercial speculation.

The reporter noted that because of this, related disputes frequently appeared. According to public information, a smart educational institution founded in 2019 is riddled with lawsuits, and has been involved in 51 lawsuits, most of which revolve around the intelligent reporting system provided by the institution, not only individual lawsuits, but also corporate lawsuits.

Industry rectification is imminent

Information integration needs to be strengthened urgently

Industry experts pointed out that the voluntary filling in of the college entrance examination is an important part of students' career planning, and only planners with excellent ability and level can provide useful guidance. If candidates and parents really need it, they can use the relevant institutions. However, the relevant departments should strengthen the standardization and rectification of this industry, clarify the charging standards and supervision system, and strengthen the supervision and investigation of those institutions that exaggerate publicity and charge indiscriminately. Admissions departments and colleges and universities should also further optimize the channels and methods of information release, and strengthen information integration to better meet the needs of candidates and parents.

According to Cheng Fangping, a professor at the School of Education of Chinese University, the reason why the college entrance examination voluntary filling industry will appear is mainly because high school schools, university admissions departments, university websites and formal national examination service departments are not in place and information asymmetry, and a large number of college entrance examination candidates need this service. For new things, the relevant departments can not be completely denied, first of all, it is necessary to clarify which system is managed, and once the new industry is determined, there must be industry norms, and the approval and regulatory departments must make a difference.

"From the candidate's point of view, it is necessary to judge the future development trend in advance, and cannot completely rely on the voluntary filling platform, which only provides some reference information. No one model, or a few models, can be adapted to all students, and it is important to respect the characteristics and specific circumstances of the students. Cheng Fangping said.

Chu Zhaohui suggested that it is necessary to speed up the promotion of the "college entrance examination volunteer planners" group to improve their professional quality and better serve the candidates. At the same time, it is necessary to further optimize the examination enrollment system, so that students and schools can have direct contact with each other, and schools should also standardize the enrollment profile so that candidates can see it clearly.