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Schechen in Bavaria: Does the altar of the church need to be re-blessed?

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The case had already caused a stir: In an Upper Bavarian church, a couple is said to have had sex, now his wife has to answer to a court after the man involved. At the beginning of February, the trial against her is scheduled before the Rosenheim district court, a spokesman said. Initially, a penalty order had been issued against the woman. Because she appealed against it, it is now time for an appointment before a judge.

Since this month, the husband of the accused has already had to answer to the Traunstein Regional Court. Among other things, because he is said to have had sex with his wife near the altar in the Catholic church in Schechen near Rosenheim and to have taken pictures of it.

"Insulting nonsense"

The native of Rosenheim, who had not commented on the numerous allegations against him at the start of the trial, according to court information, is accused, among other things, of disturbing the practice of religion. In a "place dedicated to the worship of a religious society," he had committed "insulting mischief," according to the indictment. He is also charged with assault, deprivation of liberty, threatening and fraud.

In the church, the altar may have to be re-blessed after the act. The decision as to whether this will happen has not yet been made, according to a spokesman for the responsible Archdiocese of Munich and Freising. According to the church, such a rite provides for the altar to be covered and re-blessed with incense and holy water. "Especially with regard to the religious sensibilities of the faithful, such a desecration is to be remedied by a penitential rite in accordance with the liturgical books," said the diocesan spokesman.