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Diocese of Eichstätt: The accusations against the clergyman had become known in the spring

Photo: Armin Weigel/ dpa

A Catholic priest from the Upper Palatinate has been sentenced to a ten-month suspended prison sentence for sexual abuse of a child without physical contact. This was confirmed by a spokesman for the diocese of Eichstätt. The sentence was suspended for three years. The verdict of the Neumarkt District Court on Wednesday is not yet final. Initially, the »Donaukurier« had reported on the case.

The allegations against the clergyman had become known in the spring. He is accused of sending pornographic messages to a then 12-year-old altar boy. According to the information, the priest informed the diocese of Eichstätt himself about the criminal investigations against him. The court initiated a preliminary investigation under canon law, released him from pastoral ministry and issued a ban on his residence and place of work until now. The canonical preliminary investigation is suspended as long as the criminal proceedings have not yet been concluded.