At the zoo in Usa City, Oita Prefecture, a baby lion is open to the public, and its adorable appearance delights visitors.

At the zoo "African Safari" in Anjiin-cho, Usa City, a male lion baby "Kantakun" was born on October 10 and has been open to the public since last week.

His weight, which was about 18 kg when he was born, has now increased to about 1 kg, and he is growing steadily, so when the staff gave him milk in a baby bottle, he drank it vigorously.

Visitors smiled at the adorable figures waddling and crouching in circles, and took pictures.

A parent and child visiting from the city said, "I saw a baby lion for the first time, but it was very cute.

Miki Fujita, a zookeeper, said, "I want them to enjoy watching them toddle and play with toys that are unique to babies."

The baby lion will be open to the public until the middle of next month.