Ophélie Artaud 17:04 p.m., November 30, 2023

Once again this year, the Spotify platform reveals the most listened to artists and tracks. In 2023, French users mostly listened to French-speaking artists, especially rappers. Jul and Aya Nakamura dominate the charts in the country, as does Taylor Swift internationally.

Like every year, Spotify unveils the most listened to artists and tracks on the music streaming platform. In France, the ranking remains largely dominated by French-speaking rap artists.

Once again this year, Marseille-based rapper Jul is at the top of the listening charts among male artists, with 6.9 million listeners per month, ahead of Ninho, Gazo, Tiakola and Damso. In terms of female artists, Aya Nakamura is the most listened to, with 7 million monthly listeners. The Frenchwoman finished ahead of international singers Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Lana Del Rey and Billie Eillish. The most listened to song this year is Bolide Allemand by rapper SDM, and the album Mélo by Tiakola.

Taylor Swift Dominates the Global Rankings

The last category for the most nostalgic is the ranking of titles that are more than 20 years old. The French mainly listened to Louise Attaque's J't'emmen au vent, Gala's Freed from Desire, Manu Chao's Me Gusta Tu, A-Ha's Take on me and Coolio's Gansgta Paradise.

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Worldwide, American singer Taylor Swift is the big winner, with more than 26 billion streams over the year. She was dethroned by Miley Cyrus for the most listened to song of the year: Flowers.

In addition to the platform's official charts, users can view and share their "Spotify Wrapped 2023," which is the annual retrospective of the songs and artists they've listened to the most.

Ninho is the second most listened to rapper, ahead of Gazo, Tiakola and Damso.