The president of the planning company of "Art Aquarium", where you can enjoy an aquarium with illuminated goldfish, was arrested for defrauding about 5600 million yen in fictitious expenses from the consignment of the event. He has denied the charges.

The arrested suspect is Hidetomo Kimura (51), the president of HID Interactica, which plans and operates the Art Aquarium.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, the "Art Aquarium Museum" was held in Japan Bridge, Tokyo for about one year from August 2020 on behalf of a company in Tokyo, but the following year it was suspected of fraud for defrauding about 8 million yen by creating false invoices and delivery notes claiming that he had created additional exhibited works.

When the consignment company checked at the end of the event, it revealed that the fictitious claim was revealed because the documents submitted by President Kimura's company did not match the items of the work, and they filed a complaint with the Metropolitan Police Department.

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the details of the incident.

He has denied the charges.