, Hangzhou, November 11 (Zhang Yuhuan) On the 28th, the Joint Conference on Financial Assistance to Entrepreneurs for Good Deeds was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. As one of the series of activities with the theme of "Implementing the Spirit of the Central Financial Work Conference and Practicing Rare Finance", the meeting announced the establishment of the first non-profit, public welfare charity financial comprehensive service platform in China, the "Good Deeds Capital Public Welfare Alliance", and the launch of the "Rare Capital Trust Project" to explore a new path to help achieve common prosperity with financial innovation and development with Chinese characteristics.

The scene of the inauguration ceremony of the alliance. Photo by Wang Gang

Finance is the lifeblood of the national economy and an important part of the country's core competitiveness. At the Central Financial Work Conference held in October this year, the goal of "financial power" was put forward for the first time, and higher requirements were put forward for the return of finance to functionality. Finance is not only the foundation of economic activity, but also the engine of good deeds for entrepreneurs. In recent years, the country's financial system has been continuously improved, and fintech innovation has flourished, providing entrepreneurs with more opportunities for good deeds.

"The new era has given the financial community and entrepreneurs their due social responsibility." Zhang Xinxin, Chairman of the Communication Committee of the China Charity Federation, mentioned in his speech that in April this year, the Communication Committee of the China Charity Federation was established, proposing the concept of building a "China Charity Communication Community", hoping to create a sustainable charity ecosystem. The conference not only provides a platform for communication and sharing, but also a good opportunity for the media to play a role, and is an important window to convey the concept of good deeds.

Zhang Xinxin, Chairman of the Communication Committee of the China Charity Federation. Photo by Wang Gang

How can finance promote entrepreneurs to take the initiative and achieve two-way travel? Lu Jianqiang, Director of the Financial Services Committee of the General Association of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Zheshang Bank, said in his keynote speech that "good finance" is helping finance to return from instrumental rationality to value rationality. Practice shows that entrepreneurs can grasp the management with one hand and charity with the other, so that the visible and tangible charity can be transformed into deep social capital to feed the enterprise operation, so that the enterprise can transform from an economic subject with strong innovation ability to a caring and warm social subject, and through the guidance of financial forces, promote social progress with functional correction and mission improvement, and help entrepreneurs realize their value.

Finance is the engine of entrepreneurs' good deeds, and "Shan Ben Trust" is the practical innovation of "Shan Ben Finance". In order to further help entrepreneurs do good deeds and drive the later to become rich with the first rich, the "Good Deeds Capital Public Welfare Alliance" was officially established on the spot. The alliance is jointly initiated by 17 units, including the Financial Services Committee of the General Association of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs, China Philanthropist Magazine, and Zhejiang Yangtze River Delta Capital Research Institute, and is a voluntary non-profit and public welfare charity financial complex. As the main body of the platform to promote the implementation of the "Rare Trust Project", the initiators of the alliance will work with cooperative trust companies, law firms and other institutions to jointly promote the smooth implementation of the above projects.

According to reports, the "Rare Trust" is different from general charitable trusts, and will fully respect the wishes of entrepreneurs, focus on the three major scenarios of the enterprise's own ecology, the entrepreneur's birthplace, and the location of the enterprise, and create two types of charitable trusts in the field of traditional people's livelihood to protect the lives of the people in difficulty and give full play to the role of rural sages and entrepreneurs to promote social "good governance", so as to ensure the preservation and appreciation of charitable assets, the sunshine and transparency of charitable projects, and promote financial goodness, entrepreneur goodness, and social goodness.

At the event, Zheshang Bank also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhejin Trust, and the first batch of 33 enterprises, including Chint Aneng, Zheshang Zhongtuo, and Zheyin Financial Leasing, signed a letter of intent for "Rare Capital Trust", opening a new model, new channel and new ecology for finance to help entrepreneurs realize social value and promote wealth upgrading.

It is reported that the event was jointly sponsored by the Financial Services Committee of the General Association of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs, Zhejiang Mergers and Acquisitions Federation, Zhejiang Yangtze River Delta Capital Research Institute, Zhejiang Inclusive Wealth Management Research Institute, China Philanthropist Magazine, Impact Philanthropy Research Institute, and Zhejiang Institute of Humanities and Economics. (ENDS)