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Crunches are the star exercise to slim the waist and mark the board; In fact, they are the fastest and most effective exercises for mobilizing fat and toning muscle. Something that is not always easy. "Women may have a harder time defining the abdominal area because of their hormonal system, because estrogen has a tendency to create fat. This doesn't mean that they can't define their abs, but that all things being equal, it will take them longer than a man, as they tend to accumulate more fat than muscle mass," says Sara Álvarez, co-founder and creator of the RETO48 methodology.

But although the abdomen is one of the most difficult areas to work on, contrary to what is usually thought a priori, some of the best abdominal exercises to achieve a flat stomach and reduce waist are not as demanding as other routines. In any case, the most effective abs are those that are worked "with an appropriate combination of strength training and cardio", explains Sara Álvarez, and "must be accompanied by a strict eating plan appropriate to each person and case".

Among those that ensure results, planks and abdominal exercises that are performed on the floor. But there's life beyond those two exercises: crunches to reduce waist and tone the belly can also be done standing up. And they have many advantages. The main one? They avoid hurting their back and neck, which is common. In addition, they are also more affordable, because they require less effort.

What diet to follow for a flat stomach?

"It's important to start a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet that contains healthy fats from olive oil or nuts. It should also be low in sodium, but with a lot of fiber, to help intestinal transit and avoid poor digestion and a bloated stomach," explains Sara Álvarez.

Standing Abs with Patry Jordan

This is a 10-minute abs routine from Patry Jordan. All exercises are standing, and can be done at home in any free space. To be effective, it is important to contract your abdomen with each movement and control your breathing.

4 Standing Crunches to Reduce Waist

These are very easy exercises, more affordable than floor exercises but just as effective, which can be introduced into daily routines. They will be much more effective if combined with some cardio training. And for them to work you will need consistency, always keep your belly tense while you work, with the muscles contracted and do them at least three times a week. Start with 25 repetitions, or 15 if you get really tired, and gradually increase the number.

  • Standing crunches: leg up. Standing with your back straight and your shoulders slightly back, raise one leg vertically at a 90-degree angle. Extend your opposite arm until it touches the balls of your foot. Do a set of 25 repetitions, rest, and perform the same exercise with the other leg.
  • Standing crunches: side step. Standing up, take two steps to the left and bend over until your left hand touches the floor. Stand up with your back straight and perform the same exercise to the right. Repeat the series 25 times back and forth.
  • Standing crunches: circles. Standing up, lean to the right side and touch the floor with your hand. Stand up and with your back straight, raise your right leg vertically towards your belly and draw a semicircle trying to rub your knee against your abdomen. Perform 25 reps to each side, with each leg.
  • Standing crunches: obliques. Standing up, move a lateral step to the right, lift your left leg, and touch your ankle with your left hand. Then perform the same exercise by moving to the left and with your right leg and hand. Perform a set of 25 repetitions on each side.

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