Located in Shenmu City, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, the Shiyuan Museum was officially opened to the public on November 11, which marks the phased results of the archaeological excavation, research and protection of the Shiyuan site, which is an important site of the "Chinese Civilization Exploration Project".

With the theme of "Ancient Chinese Civilization", the basic exhibition of Shiyuan Museum shows the archaeological achievements and heritage value of Shiyuan Ruins in a comprehensive, three-dimensional and true way through the four sections of "Towering Shiyuan", "City of Kings", "Duyi Life" and "Famous Name", which reflects the important value and unique position of Shiyuan civilization in the pluralism and development process of the origin and formation of Chinese civilization.

The exhibition area of the museum is 5943,688 square meters, exhibiting <> pieces (groups) of various precious cultural relics such as jade, stone tools, pottery, bone tools, stone carvings and painted murals unearthed from the Shiyuan site and the Shiyuan cultural period, the most eye-catching is a number of stone carvings found in the Huangchengtai of the Shiyuan site.

One of the treasures of the town hall, the "large god face stone carving" is 2.5 meters long and weighs more than 1 ton, and the middle of the stone sculpture is a positive god face, and there is a triangular decoration between the foreheads. Combined with the side depictions on both sides, experts deduce that the god wears an eagle crown on his head, and the triangle between his forehead is decorated with an eagle's beak, and above the beak is an eagle's feathers, highlighting the spiritual beliefs and value pursuit of the ancestors of Shiyuan. The appearance of the "god face pillar stone carving" is cylindrical, and the front and back of the stone pillar are carved with relief techniques, and the front and back of the god face are different in the eye shape, mouth shape and tooth shape. The top of the column is also carved with a pattern, and there is a small round socket in the center, which experts speculate may have been inserted into it at that time.

The site of Shiyuan is 4300-3800 years old, and it is the largest prehistoric stone city site found in China. With the approval of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, since 2012, the Shiyuan archaeological team has carried out systematic investigation and excavation of the ancient city ruins. Archaeology shows that the site of Shiyuan Castle has become an early city and has a national form due to its huge scale, multiple structures, grand buildings and a large number of high-level relics. As an important part of the Chinese civilization exploration project, the Shiyuan site is a very important empirical evidence for the study of the origin of early Chinese civilization and state, and provides new data and unique evidence for understanding the origin of Chinese civilization and the formation of a pluralistic and integrated pattern.

(CCTV news client reporter Lei Kai)