The band Echt was a media sensation at the end of the nineties. There was hardly a party at which at least one song from their album »Freischwimmer« was not heard. The focus is on Kim Frank, the frontman. Not even 20 years old, a heartthrob who had millions of fans. Real was the band of the hour, the soundtrack for the 20th century that was coming to an end. Five school friends from Flensburg, who knew each other from music lessons and really made waves for a while.

Photo: ZDF/ Clara Nebeling

In the podcast »Moreno+1«, host Juan Moreno talks to Kim Frank about the dark side of the pop business. Frank, who became a filmmaker after the end of Real, has just submitted a documentary for ARD. In it, he takes a shockingly honest look at the band's successful years. Kim Frank, who always wanted to be "as big as Westernhagen," admits that it wasn't a healthy time for him, that "fame" can be toxic. At the same time, he misses the time when millions adored him and he was one of the country's biggest stars.

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