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In an article published in "Le Point", geographer Sylvie Bunel vehemently attacks Karine Le Marchand and her documentary "Familles de paysans", broadcast on M6 on Monday 27 November. According to her, the host treated the subject of the agricultural world with miserabilism, thus doing a disservice to the cause of the peasants.

The documentary Familles de paysans, presented and produced by Karine Le Marchand, was clearly not unanimously acclaimed. In an op-ed published in the magazine Le Point, the writer and geographer Sylvie Brunel criticises the programme, broadcast on Monday 27 November on M6.

"The result is appalling"

According to her, the documentary, which portrays six farming families, is nothing more or less than a "compassionate but condescending indictment of a profession that has missed the train of history". Sylvie Bunel reproaches Karine Le Marchand for having treated the subject of the agricultural world with "miserabilism", systematically bringing it back to the past, without ever mentioning the challenges to come and how to respond to them.

"The result is appalling," she said. The geographer would have liked Karine Le Marchand to highlight all the new tools at the service of the third agricultural revolution rather than stigmatising "the peasant and his big machines".

More than 3 million viewers watched the documentary on Monday night

The programme Familles de paysans, 100 ans d'histoire nevertheless pleased the viewers, who were more than three million in front of M6 on Monday evening. On X, Internet users have particularly praised Karine Le Marchand's work: "We criticize her but she does more to promote farmers than our Ministers of Agriculture", or "It's thanks to documentaries like this that we realize that it's really time to consume local", we could read on the social network. On November 6, the Minister of Agriculture, Marc Fesneau, awarded the Officer's Cross of Agricultural Merit to Karine Le Marchand.

Congratulations to @KarineLMOff who was awarded the Officer's Cross of Agricultural Merit by @MFesneau, Minister of Agriculture

. Watch her documentary "Peasant Families: 100 Years of History", Monday 27 November at 21.10 pm, on M6!

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