Part of the handover of the second batch of Zionist detainees in the Gaza Strip within the humanitarian calm (social media)

The resistance in Gaza entered with the Zionist occupation in a temporary truce, for several days, according to the mediation of international mediators: Qatar, Egypt, and America, which ruled to hand over a number of prisoners from both sides, and other conditions mentioned in detail, with regard to relief and life aid.

Such agreements, or truces, revolve around a discussion from the various parties, between supporters and opponents, between those who see them as a victory for the resistance, and those who try to reduce the value of this victory, and want to make the view religious jurisprudence, in terms of comparing the near or limited gains apparent, compared to what was done in a month and a half with this amount of destruction and devastation at the level of humans and stone.

Some of the psychologically defeated, or the media who had no job but to flog the resistance throughout the past period, and before the start of the truce, are trying to prepare people to feel that it is a disastrous defeat for the resistance.

The jurists and scholars discussed the issue of the truce, and the position of Sharia thereof, whether it is a short truce or a long truce, even if it is with the usurping occupier of the land, as long as it will not be a permanent truce that recognizes him to own the occupied land or sanctities, and the Holy Qur'an has struck us, and the Prophet's purified biography as a model for this truce that is held with the enemy.

We saw the indications that this truce carries from the victory of the resistance, from the release of prisoners from prisons, who had no hope of getting out at all, except with this truce, and the exchange of prisoners, and we saw the celebration of Palestinian prisoners after the exit.

Naming the Qur'an Truce as a Victory

When the Holy Qur'an talked about the truce established by the Prophet (may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him) with the disbelievers of Quraish, he called it the word: Al-Fath, and the Almighty said: (We have opened a clear opening for you), and God called the surah: Surat Al-Fath, although it was talking about the peace of Hudaybiyah, which is a temporary truce between the Prophet - may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him - and the polytheists.

The meaning that the truce is a victory was absent when some of the Companions, they were surprised when the verse was revealed: (We opened a clear opening for you), and among the questioners about that was Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, the books of the Sunnah narrated, what the Companions said, when they said: We witnessed Hudaybiyyah with the Messenger of Allah - may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him - and when we left it, if people dry the Abbar, some people said to some: What for people? They said: It was revealed to the Messenger of Allah, he said: So we went out to stand with the people until we found the Messenger of Allah - may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him - standing at the shepherd of clouds, and when some of the people who wanted to meet him, he read to them: (We have opened a clear opening for you) Al-Fath: 1, and a man of his companions said: O Messenger of Allah, will he open? He said, "And by whose hand I breathe, it is for conquest."

Imam Ibn al-Qayyim summarized how this truce was a victory, he said: (Between the wisdom of what they hated in the year of Hudaybiyyah of repelling the polytheists to them, until they returned and did not Umrah, and showed them that their required happens after this, so it happened in the year of the midwife, and said: (He knew what you did not know and made without that a conquest soon), which is the peace of Hudaybiyah, which is the first conquest mentioned in his saying: (We have opened a clear opening for you.)

Because of it, it happened from the interests of religion, the world and victory, and the emergence of Islam, and the invalidity of infidelity unless they hoped for it before, and people entered into each other, and Muslims spoke the word of Islam and its proofs and evidence loudly and are not afraid, and entered at that time in Islam close to those who entered it to that time, and appeared to everyone the prostitute of the polytheists, their enmity and stubbornness, and the private and public knew that Muhammad and his companions are the first of truth and guidance, and that their enemies are in their hands only aggression and stubbornness).

Some signs of victory in the Gaza truce

What we can see in the truce of resistance in Gaza with the enemy, of some signs of near victory, and we do not say complete or final victory, this is a desired hope, but it is too early to say for sure or predict it now, even if some of its signs appear, and several signs loomed on the horizon:

The truce is an opportunity to take a breather, arrange ranks, and rehabilitate souls and people for past war crimes and the difficulties that will come, but it gives those who have the right to this gift of preparation, arranging papers, sharpening motivation, and healing the material and moral wounds of the people of Gaza.

We have seen the indications carried by this truce of the victory of the resistance, from the release of prisoners from prisons, they had no hope of getting out at all, except with this truce, and the exchange of prisoners, and we saw the celebration of the Palestinian prisoners after the exit, and their families, despite what the occupation tried to prevent it, and in return we did not find this joy on the media of the entity for the return of its prisoners, there is no celebration, nor the appearance of the media, nor public interviews, and the pictures between the two teams carry the truest and strongest indications of victory and fortitude.

What the connotations of the pictures of the prisoners who returned to the occupation carried a moral victory for the resistance, and even a practical and declared response, to all the lies spread by the entity's media, and the biased and deliberately false Western media against the resistance, from the allegation of killing children and raping women, to see pictures of children saying goodbye to resistance men with a smile that cannot lie, as well as those that expressed the prisoners, from farewell signals, which do not lie in their connotations, and do not hide other important connotations in these scenes and others, and they need a separate conversation.

Caution Duty

As for the caution due in this truce, it is to beware of the enemy that the Palestinians face, as it is an enemy that has no creativity, and everyone noticed that he announces with the truce that he will resume immediately after the demolition, killing and war.

Caution is not only required from the resistance, but from its masses as well, as the truce is a warrior's break, not an inactivity followed by coldness, but followed by tireless activity, if the resistance has made its effort and done what it can, the masses have a long way to work as well, whether at the level of popular and media communication, or in the field of boycott, and every area in which it has work.