The specialist noted that the southern cyclone, which covered Moscow with snow a few days ago, will not be alone.

"The so-called cyclonic series will continue in the next 24 hours. Another cyclone coming from the Mediterranean will move over the next 24 hours from the south of our country to the north approximately along the western border of Russia. And, of course, tonight and especially on Thursday, it will have an impact on the weather in Moscow and the Moscow region," Leus said.

He added that in the second half of today, starting from the southwestern districts of the Moscow region, light snow will begin, which will reach the center of the capital by the evening.

"At night, the snow will be heavy in places, blizzards are expected in the Region. In the south and east of the region, wet snow is not excluded. On Thursday, the snow will continue, but of less intensity," the forecaster said.

He also warned residents of the capital about icy conditions.

"Tonight, by evening, the temperature in Moscow will rise to -3...-5 °C and will continue to rise gradually during the night. By morning, the temperature in the city center is about 0 ° C. But the warmth will be short-lived, and by about noon, the temperature will again become negative and ice will begin to form," the RT interlocutor explained.

The specialist said that on the first day of the calendar winter, the capital will be in the rear part of the outgoing cyclone, which is why cloudy weather will remain and light snow will pass in places.

"The temperature will go down. At night — -4...-6 °C, during the day — -3... -5 ° C. On the first weekend of December, light snow is possible in places, but frosts will be strong. At night it is -8...-10 °C, and during the day it is not warmer – -5...-7 °C. Temperatures are about 4-5 °C below the climatic norm," Leus concluded.

Earlier, the forecaster of the forecasting center "Meteo" Alexander Ilyin, in an interview with RT, spoke about the weather until the end of the working week.