Xining, November 11 (CNN) -- Chinese and foreign cultural tourism experts visit the ancient city of Xining: "City Lounge" perceives cultural flavor

Chinanews reporter Zhang Tianfu

At present, to perceive the cultural flavor of a city, museums, libraries and other "city parlors" are ideal places to check in.

On the afternoon of the 28th, Chinese and foreign cultural tourism experts who participated in the "Meet the City of Happiness" - Foreigners + Big V took you to visit Xining, visited the Xining Museum and Xining Library, checked in and carried out creation.

The picture shows cultural tourism experts checking in at the Xining Museum. Photo by Ma Mingyan

Bronze, ceramics, gold and silverware, calligraphy and painting, ancient books... The more than 2000,<> pieces of cultural relics of various categories in the collection of Xining Museum are not only an important symbol of the ancestors of Xining Basin from the beginning of Hongmeng to modern civilization, but also a witness to the continuous integration and hand in hand of the people of all ethnic groups in Xining for thousands of years to create a brilliant history.

After the completion of the creation of the Xining Museum, Jiang Nan, a cultural tourism expert from the United States, said, "Today I photographed a lot of cultural relics, from the beginning of mankind to modern society, I can find witnesses in this museum." ”

"I studied anthropology and was interested in archaeology. We should learn more about history, and as long as everyone likes it, I will shoot and share it with everyone. Jiang Lan told a reporter from

Walking into the Xining City Library next to the Xining City Museum is refreshing for Chinese and foreign cultural tourism experts.

The picture shows cultural tourism experts visiting Xining City Library. Photo by Ma Mingyan

The library's big data smart wall shows that the number of visitors to the library has been 525968 since the beginning of this year, the total number of book borrowing cards has reached 101001, and the readers who have borrowed the most books have reached 1506,<>.

In fact, the library began trial operation in 2021.

"We are satisfied and pleased with the flow of more than 52,<> people this year." Qi Xing, director of the Digital Resource Center of Xining Library, said to Chinese and foreign cultural tourism experts.

The new book recommendation area exhibits the latest Mao Dun Literature Award winning works; "Qingtang Yaji River Huang Dian Rhyme" exhibition "Xining Mansion Continuation Chronicles", "Xining Mansion New Chronicles", etc.; During the exam, it is difficult to find a self-study room for the journey of chasing the light... Some people also said that the heating of the Xining City Library is "the ceiling in the library".

As a third-generation library, this room is no longer the neatly arranged bookshelves and books in the huge space that the public stereotypes. "Our library is open and bright when you enter the door, and the rows of sofas are like home, and it is very comfortable to sit and read. And sitting by the window and reading a book, the experience is particularly good. Qi Xing said.

"We have regular readers, reading in one place every day," Qi Xing said, adding that he would like to see such readers, "The library is the home of the librarians, and we hope that citizens will come to us to learn knowledge." ”

The picture shows a cultural tourism expert creating in the Xining City Library. Photo by Ma Mingyan

Michelle, a cultural tourism expert who participated in this event, said, "I have been to Internet celebrity libraries in many areas, and they generally highlight the sense of design, interest and interactivity, but the Xining City Library is more interactive and smarter, with a simple layout and clear partitions." ”

When Michelle, the leader of Joe's help, saw that the new library had more than 100,000 people with library cards, she said she was shocked, "I didn't expect that in the fast-paced world, there are still so many people willing to settle down and read." I hope that through my creation, I can show a different Xining. ”

The event was hosted by the Propaganda Department of the Xining Municipal Party Committee and the Qinghai Branch of China News Service, undertaken by the Qinghai Branch of China News Service International Communication Group, and supported by the Xining Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio, Film and Television, the Propaganda Department of the Chengzhong District Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the Chengzhong District Bureau of Culture, Sports, Tourism, Science and Technology. (ENDS)