Since 2016, Camilla Gervide has been running "Blog Monitoring", where she reviews influencers. She has, among other things, revealed that Isabella Löwengrip has exaggerated her visitor statistics and she has started a debate about eating disorders in the influencer industry.

Camilla Gervide believes that traditional media does not take social media profiles seriously enough.

"People have been content to write about influencers on the entertainment pages, and I think that's offending the industry a bit.

According to Gervide, they are among the foremost rulers of our time.

"As long as they affect what make-up or clothes we buy, it may seem innocent. But what happens the day an influencer tries to influence party politics?

Up to date with a new book

"Who are we who slavishly follow a world we love to hate? And what responsibility do we have?" asks Camilla Gervide in the new book "They Call Us Influencers".

"I try to have a holistic approach to the industry and write about it, as a small influencer correspondent.

Online hate speech in comment fields

Camilla Gervide has, among other things, been criticized for the blog's comment field, which has become a forum for online hate.

In 2021, she shared a picture of newly delivered Jannike "Bisse" Nordström, along with a congratulations to the new family member. But among the comments, the focus was instead on the new mother's false eyelashes.

After the incident, Camilla Gervide and her publisher at Nyheter24 decided to take action.

"I have taken this criticism on board and discussed it with my publisher. We try to stop those comments before they even reach the comments section.

Do you consider yourself an influencer?

Yes, of course I'm also an influencer. I have the reach and the power to influence," says Camilla Gervide.