On the afternoon of November 11, the Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued a blue warning for high winds, and it is expected that from the time of release to 27 a.m. on the 28th, there will be about 2 northerly winds in most areas of the city, with gusts of 4 and 6.

On this ordinary and unusual Monday night, before 8 o'clock, there were already many people waiting for "Aunt Goose Legs" outside the southwest gate of Peking University in the cold wind. At 9 o'clock in the evening, the "goose-legged aunt" wearing a pink helmet and a red top appeared on time on an electric car, and everyone held cameras and mobile phones, and flocked to her. There are students who have booked goose legs in advance, and there are also people who just want to come in front and see the excitement.

"Aunt Goose Legs" is Ms. Chen, 54 years old this year. In recent days, the video of students from Tsinghua University, Peking University and other colleges and universities queuing up to buy her roasted goose legs has been forwarded by many netizens, and soon appeared on Weibo hot search, and "Aunt Goose Legs" seems to have suddenly become a "top Internet celebrity".


All goose legs need to be booked in advance

I will only go to one school per day

"Auntie, mine is not spicy", "Auntie, I'll take two spicy ones"..."Aunt Goose Legs" just parked the car, and the shouts of consumers rang out one after another outside the southwest gate of Peking University.

Ms. Chen, 54 years old this year, has a WeChat nickname of "Aunt Goose Legs", and she still can't understand how she "occupied" so many Weibo hot searches in a few days, and was even called the "top Internet celebrity" by many people in recent days.

Ms. Chen's mobile phone has more than 20 WeChat groups, most of which are students from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Renmin University and other universities in Beijing's Haidian District. Beginning in 2018, Ms. Chen began selling goose legs that she and her lover had roasted near these universities, and later gradually developed into a way for students to make pre-paid payments on WeChat and deliver them to the "delivery location" at regular intervals in the evening. They only go to one school a day and are able to sell more than 200 goose legs.

"We can only do so much in one day, and we can't do it if we send it to several schools." Ms. Chen's lover, Mr. Liang, told reporters.

More often than not, Ms. Chen and her wife, Mr. Liang, sell their goose legs to Peking University students because it's a little closer to their rented Xibeiwang, a place between Beijing's 15th and 16th Ring Roads, which takes nearly half an hour to get to the southwest gate of Peking University by electric scooter. "It costs <> yuan to buy a Peking University student, and other schools are a little more expensive, <> yuan a piece, which is not a difference, just because it is indeed a little farther to go to other schools." Mr. Liang said.

There are two flavors of goose legs, spicy and non-spicy, and students who book in advance on WeChat will come to Ms. Chen's electric car on time to get the goose legs according to the predetermined amount. But on the night of the 27th, the scene of receiving goose legs was obviously more noisy than usual, in addition to the goose legs as agreed, there were also media reporters, short video shooters, and pedestrians watching the excitement, all crowded around the "goose legs aunt", everyone held mobile phone cameras, trying to take more scenes.


Unwilling to be a so-called "Internet celebrity"

Prefer to do business in a down-to-earth manner

A few days ago, Ms. Chen and her lover had distributed goose legs ordered by students outside the northeast gate of Tsinghua University, and it was there that someone took a video of them and posted it online, which was then on Weibo.

"Now that I think about it, I regret a little, I shouldn't have gone to Tsinghua that day, otherwise I wouldn't have been noticed by so many people all at once, I don't want that." Late at night on November 11, Mr. Liang told reporters.

Compared with her lover, Ms. Chen, the "goose-legged aunt", seems to be less talkative, but she also expressed the same idea as Mr. Liang, that is, she is unwilling to be a so-called "Internet celebrity", and is more willing to continue to do small business in a down-to-earth manner.

Most of the time, Ms. Chen and Mr. Liang deliver the goose legs to school at 9 p.m., and return home after distributing the goose legs in about half an hour to start processing and pickling the goose legs. "Normally, we go to bed at 2 o'clock in the morning, and we have to get up at 7 o'clock in the morning, continue to pickle, bake, and stock, and often are so busy that we only eat one meal a day, like today." Mr. Liang said. "If there were still so many people like today, we might not have come to deliver it in the next few days, I hope this matter can cool down quickly, we are ordinary people, what is there to be popular?"

According to reports by Beijing Business Daily and other media on November 11, the canteen of Renmin University also launched a new dish of goose leg on the evening of the 27th, priced at 27 yuan. Mr. Liang told reporters that it is good that the school canteen can sell goose legs, and I believe it will not affect his small business.

With the money they have earned over the years selling fruits, barbecue and goose legs in Beijing, Ms. Chen and Mr. Liang are raising children from their hometown, and this year, their son is about to graduate from a university in Suzhou.

At half past nine o'clock in the evening of the 27th, the two foam boxes that were originally full of roast goose legs had bottomed out, Ms. Chen and Mr. Liang left on their respective electric vehicles, and outside the southwest gate of Peking University, many people were still reluctant to disperse.

At the intersection dozens of meters away, "Aunt Goose Legs" and her lover sat on an electric car waiting for a red light, waiting to return to their home outside the Fifth Ring Road.

Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star News reporter Fu Yao reported from Beijing