University researchers visited the home of a 107-year-old woman in Tochigi Prefecture who is still active as a barber and conducted a survey to find out the secret of her longevity.

Shitsui Hakoishi, who lives in Nakagawa Town, Tochigi Prefecture, is still active as a barber at the age of 107.

On the 29th, Professor Yasumichi Arai of Keio University, who conducts research on health and longevity, visited Mr. Hakoishi's home to investigate the secret of longevity.

At the beginning, Professor Arai asked about his usual exercise and lifestyle, to which Mr. Hakoishi replied, "I walk 500 steps every day, and I also do my own personal things such as laundry."

After this, blood pressure was measured and an electrocardiogram was examined.

Professor Arai is conducting a similar survey by visiting elderly people over the age of 100 across the country, and the results of the survey will be used in research to explore the factors that enable people to live long and healthy lives.

After the survey, Professor Arai said, "I was surprised to see how well you are, and I would like to help extend people's healthy life expectancy by clarifying the factors that allow people to stay healthy even if they are over 100 years old."

Mr. Hakoishi said, "If the results of the survey are good, I would like everyone to imitate it."