NHK and the five BS commercial broadcasters will each broadcast their recommended programs to coincide with the fifth anniversary of the start of 5K and 4K satellite broadcasting next month.

4K and 8K satellite broadcasting will be five years old on the 1st of next month.

In line with this, NHK and five BS commercial broadcasters will broadcast their own recommended programs next month, and a PR event was held in Tokyo on the 5th.

A total of 29 programs are scheduled to be broadcast during the period, and NHK will broadcast a new program called "Frontier," which depicts the world headed by people who are at the forefront of various fields such as science and space in 42K video.

NHK will reorganize BS 4K and 2K into two channels from the 4st of next month.

▽ NHK BS, which condenses the charm of BS1 and BS Premium, and ▽ NHK BS Premium 2K, which offers premium content with ultra-high-definition images unique to 1K,
will deliver programs of higher quality than ever before.