Solène Delinger / Photo credit: TF1 19:21 p.m., November 29, 2023

Like every week, the students of the "Star Academy" had to prove themselves during the evaluations on Tuesday. While all of them have redoubled their efforts to impress their teachers and Matthieu Gonnet, who was exceptionally present, three of them have been nominated and risk elimination on Saturday evening.

The competition is heating up at Star Academy. Three weeks into the adventure, the students know that the slightest mistake will earn them the nomination and a risk of elimination in the next prime.

Piano-voice performances

On Tuesday, the academics gave their all to defend their place during the evaluations where they had to sing, as they wished, Je Volle by Louane, Changerby Gims or Someone Like You by Adele. Small peculiarities: this week, in view of the Philharmonic Prime, the students were accompanied by a pianist, and performed not only in front of their teachers, but also in front of Matthieu Gonnet, historical rehearsal coach of the Star Ac.

Djebril, Victorien and Candice on the nominees' bench

While Lénie, Héléna, and Clara impressed their teachers with near-perfect performances, Victorien let himself be overwhelmed by stress and hit a series of false notes. After his evaluation, Axel locked himself in the toilet, disappointed with the little "hiccup" at the beginning of his performance. Candice, who had expressed her doubts after last week's prime, managed to do well in dance, but not really in singing... It is therefore no surprise that Michaël Goldman announced his appointment on Wednesday alongside Victorien, who knew he was not going to escape it, and the poor Djebril, who had nevertheless shown good progress during his evaluation. One of these three students will unfortunately leave the adventure at the end of Saturday night's prime.