, Beijing, November 11 (Xue Lingqiao) "Through various activities and services, the (CPPCC) Committee Members' Studio has become a platform for us to closely contact the grassroots people and listen to the voices of the grassroots frontline." On November 29, the media reporters of the "Telling the Story of China's New Political Party System" online theme interview activity successively visited the Haiyi Peninsula Committee Workstation in Fangshan District, Beijing and the Liu Rong Studio in Shijingshan District. During this period, Liu Rong, a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) in Shijingshan District, Beijing, made the above introduction.

Committee member Liu Rong told the press corps that the committee member's office organized community residents to help formulate rules of procedure, guided residents to express their opinions in an orderly manner, and created a new model of grassroots consultation and deliberation.

On November 11, the online theme interview activity of "Telling the Story of China's New Political Party System" entered the Party and Mass Service Center of Apple Yuan Street, Shijingshan District. (Photo courtesy of the People's Political Consultative Conference)

Grassroots collaborative co-governance and development serve the people

"After the establishment of the committee member workstation, we have successively set up service projects such as 'committee member reception day' and 'solicitation of suggestion boxes', so that the masses can go into the CPPCC to complain about the people's voice, and let the committee members go into the masses to do practical things," Huang Ke, the person in charge of the Haiyi Peninsula committee workstation, introduced to the reporters of the interview group. He said that the committee workstation is an important force to promote the grassroots governance of the community, and should actively participate in the coordination and co-governance of the grassroots level, and truly serve the development of the community and serve the community residents.

According to reports, Harbour Plaza Peninsula Community was established in 2004 and currently has 658 households with a total of 2158,<> residents. With the passage of time, problems such as old communities and imperfect infrastructure have gradually emerged, and the task of grassroots governance has become increasingly arduous.

In this regard, the committee workstation actively participates in grassroots consultation and grassroots social governance, and explores the establishment of a "good neighbor and good consultation" deliberative system. In addition, the workstation also regularly holds "good neighbors and good consultations" to formulate annual work plans according to the needs of the community on the key points of annual work and the difficult issues that the masses are concerned about.

The pro bono legal service is a major innovation of the Harbour Plaza Committee Workstation. Huang Ke, the stationmaster, gave full play to his advantages as the president of the Fangshan District Lawyers Association, and led the lawyer team to carry out legal knowledge lectures for community residents many times, and provided legal advice to community residents on a voluntary basis. Legal consultation and publicity, and mediation of conflicts and disputes are mediated by CPPCC members, and are truly integrated into the grassroots governance of the community.

Liu Rong's studio is located in the Party and Mass Service Center of Apple Yuan Street, Shijingshan District. There, a number of CPPCC members gave full play to their own advantages and resources, and took the initiative to bring services including traditional culture training, legal consultation, financial knowledge lectures and other services to residents, and the committee members' studio became a platform for CPPCC members to go deep into the grassroots and serve the people.

"We hold nearly 2000,<> science and education activities every year, with an average of six or seven per day. Every Friday afternoon, we will provide basic legal services for community residents," said Liu Rong, a member of the Shijingshan District CPPCC.

As one of the first batch of CPPCC member studios in Shijingshan District, Liu Rong's studio has successively set up communication platforms such as the "Public Opinion Proposal Hall" and the "Old Neighborhood Meeting Hall" in the Street Party and Mass Service Center, and arranged for CPPCC members to communicate face-to-face with community residents and solve problems.

A corner of the consultative democracy community meeting room in Liu Rong's studio Photo by Xue Lingqiao by

Build a "heart-to-heart bridge" for the CPPCC masses

"Through the committee workstation, the CPPCC members have been (been) inspired the sense of 'ownership' in the community, so that they can go to the masses and information from the masses, and strengthen the connection with the masses," said Huang Ke, head of the Haiyi Peninsula Committee Workstation. He said that Fangshan District is currently speeding up the transformation of the service model, from "handling the complaint immediately" and "asking me to handle it" to "handling it before litigation" and "I will handle it".

Up to now, the Laguna Verdea community has carried out more than 20 "Committee Reception Days", recorded more than 40 residents' opinions and questions, and organized many volunteer activities such as "Convenience Service Day" and "Community Lecture Hall" in the community.

Under the role of the "good neighbor" of the community, the concerns of community domestic waste classification, community loess exposure, parking space planning, and road damage and renovation have been paid attention to and properly resolved. The appearance of the community has been improved and the community environment has been optimized.

On the basis of face-to-face communication between the community and CPPCC members, Liu Rong actively wrote suggestions, built a "heart-to-heart bridge" to connect and serve the masses, and smoothed social conditions and public opinion.

Liu Rong, a member of the CPPCC in Shijingshan District, introduced the studio to the media reporter group who covered the event. Photo by Xue Lingqiao,

"Some of the opinions are related to the policy, and I will answer and explain them on the spot. Among them, some opinions will be submitted to the district CPPCC as social conditions and public opinions. Liu Rong introduced to the press corps. She added that the proposal drafted by the studio to promote the fine management of the community was rated as an excellent proposal of the district CPPCC.

The CPPCC member workstation is an important platform for the CPPCC and CPPCC members to contact and serve the masses. Facing the future, the workstation and studio of CPPCC members will further play the role of a platform, widely contact "good neighbors", gather strength, negotiate together, warm the hearts of the people, solve people's worries, and make new contributions to continuously improving the sense of gain and happiness of the residents. (ENDS)