On November 11, the Guizhou Provincial High People's Court held a public hearing in accordance with the law to hear the case of appellant Yu Huaying's child abduction and trafficking. The procurator of the Guizhou Provincial People's Procuratorate found that the facts found in the first-instance judgment were clear, the evidence was credible and sufficient, the conviction was accurate, the sentencing was appropriate, and the procedures were lawful, and that the appellant Yu Huaying's grounds for appeal could not be sustained, and recommended that the appeal be rejected and the original judgment upheld. The verdict in this case will be announced at a later date in accordance with the law.

After the trial, Wang Wenguang, the lawyer representing the abducted party Yang Niuhua, told reporters about the details of the trial.

[same period] the lawyer represented by the abducted party Yang Niuhua, Wang Wenguang

The process of this trial was relatively smooth, that is, first of all, the collegial panel ensured the relevant procedural rights of all parties. In court, the other party also produced a new piece of evidence, this evidence is that she and a man she lived with, proving that she did not commit another crime after 2014, this evidence, and then a piece of evidence is that the public security organ issued a statement of the situation, the explanation of the situation proves that people do not issue a certificate of no criminal record, but this certificate just proves that she had a crime in 1996, in fact, it proves that she did not truthfully confess in this case. Because in 1996, she had never confessed to the crime of abduction and trafficking from the first instance to the present, and she had never confessed. Today's proof just proves that her so-called truthful confession does not exist at all.

Yang Niuhua, now known as Li Suyan, was born in 1990 in a Miao family in Zhijin County, Guizhou, and is the second daughter in the family. In 1995, Yang Niuhua was abducted and sold to Handan, Hebei Province by Yu Huaying in Guiyang. 26 years later, based on her childhood memories, she began to search for relatives on the Internet and officially recognized her biological sister on May 2021, 5. On the same day, in an interview with reporters, Yang Niuhua told about her unfortunate childhood life after being trafficked.

[same period] abducted party Yang Niuhua

In the 26 years of abduction, in fact, there are more than ten years I have no life of my own, and I have no home, although I have an adoptive father and grandmother in Hebei, my grandmother died, and I was labeled by everyone called "child daughter-in-law", and then these labels one by one, have tormented me for many years, and then until I found a home, I did not know that after I lost, my father and my mother passed away in just two or three years, my father became a "drunken maniac" in the eyes of others, and my mother became in the eyes of others." Neuropathy". When I was there (when I wasn't abducted), they were all gentle and virtuous, and my father was a very elegant person, which was caused by human trafficker Yu Huaying.

Yang Niuhua told reporters that she still can't imagine how her parents died at the best age, and how she blamed herself again and again to repent and spend her life, although Yu Huaying apologized to herself in court, but the fact that she abducted and trafficked children cannot be forgiven at all.

[same period] abducted party Yang Niuhua

Yu Huaying said that she was 35 years old, she was too young when she abducted me at that time, she was too young to make a mistake, and then she said that it was because she was too financially tight, because she wanted to live, she wanted to live, so she unscrupulously embarked on this road of no return, and then I told her at the time that you were too young when you abducted me at the age of 35, but my mother was already lying in the grave at the age of 32, and then you were because you couldn't live because you lived, you went to abduct and sell children, but after you abducted us, It directly ruined my life and my sister's life, why did we never think of doing something illegal, this can't be a reason for you to break the law. It is hoped that the court will respect the recommended sentence filed by the procuratorate and then reject the appeal and uphold the original verdict.

Yang Niuhua admitted frankly that due to her current work and life, she can only use her current name "Li Suyan", and in the interview, she also expressed a wish in her heart.

[same period] abducted party Yang Niuhua

Originally named Yang Niuhua, I now have a household registration in Hebei called Li Suyan, if I have the opportunity, I hope to be able to add a former name to me, and give me back the name given by my parents again.

Reporter Yuan Chao and Pu Wensi report from Guiyang, Guizhou

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]