Linfen, November 11 (Reporter Zuo Yukun) "The water of the Fen River is in a hurry, and the apricot blossoms are seen in March. "The popular Shanxi folk songs are inexhaustible to the beautiful scenery on both sides of the Fen River.

The Fen River, the mother river of the sons and daughters of the Three Jin Dynasty, is also the second largest tributary of the Yellow River. However, for a period of time, due to over-mining, sand mining and sewage discharge, the Fen River has also experienced ecological pains.

A clear water flows into the Yellow River, and the splendid scenery on both sides of the river enters the painting. Looking at today's Fen River, from the drying up of the river to the abundance of water, from greening to colorization, from a single ecological landscape to a humanistic ornamental landscape, a new movement is playing with abundant water, good water quality and beautiful scenery.

On November 11, under the guidance of the Network Communication Bureau of the Cyberspace Administration of the Central Committee of the People's Republic of China, the "Picturesque Rivers and Mountains" online theme publicity activity (Shanxi) sponsored by China News Network and the Cyberspace Administration of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee was launched in Linfen. The interview group came to both sides of the Fen River to listen to the story of this resource-based city "coming alive".

"A river of clear water, splendid on both sides of the strait" has become the "water living room" of Linfen City. Photo by Li Dianping

Ecological "living water", the big river recreates a good scenery

The night in early winter is already cold, but in the Fenhe Cultural and Ecological Park, you can still see many citizens walking, running, and exercising.

"I like to run a lap along the 'Urban Ecological and Cultural Boutique Section', which is less than 12 kilometers in total, starting from the east side of Binh Duong Bridge, passing through Rainbow Bridge, Luogu Bridge, etc., and then returning to the starting point. It feels very good to run down, one step at a time, it is definitely an excellent place to exercise in the city and enjoy the scenery at the same time, and you can often meet the runners of the Linfen running group on weekend mornings to run together. A local running enthusiast told reporters.

Such a scenic park is located along the Fenhecheng section of Linfen City, Shanxi Province, with a total length of 17.5 kilometers and a jurisdiction area of 10.6 square kilometers. The Fenhe Scenic Area is divided into the upper and lower reaches of the ecological wetland section and the urban ecological and cultural boutique section, and was rated as a national AAAA-level tourist attraction in 2014.

The prosperity of the river, the blessing of people. Today's Fenhe Cultural and Ecological Park is not only a green ecological business card of Linfen, but also the biggest happiness index in the hearts of the people of Linfen. But the birth of this beautiful park was not a natural thing.

Linfen is a traditional heavy industry city, and in the era of rapid development of modern industry, the beautiful Fen River was once scarred. Cross-flowing sewage and dirty tidal flats have become "big bumps" in the hearts of people and urban decision-makers.

3600,40 acres of land were acquired, 10,6 square meters of various illegal buildings were demolished in accordance with the law, bridges across the river were built, and riverside roads were constructed; The treatment area is 11.2 square kilometers, the treatment length is 8778.4017 kilometers, the new green space is 16,42 acres, the new water surface is <>,<> acres, and the urban green coverage rate has increased by <> percentage points to <>%...

In the past, the Fenhe River has become a cultural and ecological scenic spot of the Fenhe River in Linfen City, where ecology, garden, humanity and science and technology have reached a perfect combination. A series of figures is also a transcript of Linfen's tackling ecological governance and depicting the ecological and humanistic picture of "a clear water, splendid on both sides of the strait".

A good ecological environment is a fair public good and a well-being for all people. With the continuous improvement of the ecological environment of Linfen City, the waters of the Fen River have also become a paradise for more and more migratory birds. In the land where man and nature coexist in harmony, more happy stories are still happening.

Yaodu Cloud Business Industrial Park. Photo by Zuo Yukun by

Industrial "living water", the ancient city eats "science and technology rice"

At present, the new generation of information technology systems has been integrated into the core areas and key links of industry, supporting the accelerated formation of new quality productivity, and a new chapter in the development of new industrialization has been opened. Standing at a new starting point, it is particularly important to promote the deep integration of data and reality and accelerate the development of new industrialization.

In the 2023 Linfen Municipal Government Work Report, it is proposed to promote the digital and intelligent empowerment of all parks, industries and enterprises in the city, and focus on supporting Yaodu Cloud Business Industrial Park to introduce and cultivate a number of leading enterprises in the digital economy and industrial Internet platform enterprises, and strive to increase the output value of the park by 2022% this year compared with 20 to reach 62.<> billion yuan.

With a new generation of information technology as the core, Yaodu Cloud Business Industrial Park is an important embodiment of Linfen City's new track to seize cutting-edge industries. According to the staff of the industrial park, it is planned to build three industrial bases: scientific and technological innovation incubation base, artificial intelligence data base, and software information intelligent manufacturing base, and the layout is supporting Huahan Yunji Xinchuang Industry Center, Huaguang Xinchuang Independent R&D Center, and Huayao Xinchuang Talent Service Center.

The industrial park has attracted a number of leading enterprises and projects such as ByteDance, Baidu, Alibaba Cloud, 360, Baixin and NetEase. The park focuses on the development of information technology innovation and application industries represented by big data, cloud computing, electronic information, and the Internet of Things, builds a digital economy industrial cluster, and builds a new highland of "smart convergence" of the digital economy. Up to now, 184 companies have settled in.

With comprehensive follow-up of service measures, full implementation of preferential policies, seamless connection from the source of innovation to the transformation and application of achievements, a new smart industry city integrating digital empowerment, network application, and intelligent manufacturing is taking shape, and a new highland for the development of Shanxi's digital economy in the future is coming to the fore.

Aerial photography of the street scene of Linfen city. Photo courtesy of Linfen City Administration

The cultural "living water", the mighty wind will remain forever

Linfen was known as Pingyang in ancient times, the ancient capital of Tang Yao, and the splendid culture of 5,000 years is magnificent. Walking through the city, you can see the protection and inheritance of Linfen's history and culture represented by Diyao culture everywhere.

In January this year, the "Yaojing Garden" in the Fenhe Scenic Area was officially unveiled. According to Fan Weisheng, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Fenhe Cultural and Ecological Scenic Area Service Center in Linfen City, Diyao searched for ants to build wells, and people lived around the wells since then, gradually ending the migratory life of living along the river and choosing water to live, and the village was also born, which also opened a new era of agricultural civilization.

Yaojing Garden is built with this allusion as the background, the grass house in the garden is faint, the well field is Momo, the waterwheel is overturned, the lake and the mountains reflect each other, the willows are green, the ancient style is like that, full of pastoral joy. "To build 'Yaojing Garden' is to better carry forward the great spirit of invention and innovation of Diyao, and continue to 'legend' the beautiful legend of 'Diyao seeking ants and building wells' that has been spread on the land of our ancient civilization." Fan Weisheng said.

In the urban area of Linfen, it can also be seen that the protection and development of the historical city here.

"There is a big drum tower in Pingyang Mansion, and half of it is inserted in the sky." Located in the urban area of Linfen, the Pingyang Drum Tower was built in the Northern Wei Dynasty and is a local historical and cultural landmark and one of the direct carriers of Linfen's urban memory. Today, the majestic and quaint Pingyang Drum Tower still stands in the middle of the road, with vehicles and pedestrians shuttling at its feet, surrounded by high-rise buildings and bustling business districts, where history and modernity collide.

Since 2019, Linfen City has comprehensively carried out the action of improving the quality and deepening of the beautiful city, and carried out the three major actions of "three demolitions, three demolitions, three demolitions" - "three demolitions" refers to the demolition of illegal buildings, the demolition of unsightly buildings, and the demolition of unnecessary fences; "Three down" refers to the advertising wall, the attachment under the wall, and the pipeline under the ground; "Three-in" refers to parking carrying, parking into storage, and car washing - eliminating the problem of urban dirty and messy congestion, eliminating obsolete and messy, standardizing urban order, and creating a transparent and clean urban space.

"Commercial Demonstration Street" Caishenlou North and South Street, "Fashion Demonstration Street" Middle Street, "Nostalgic Demonstration Street" Gulou North Street, "Leisure Demonstration Street" Xiangyang West Road... The unique culture, history, and charm of each street are emphasized in the renewal, so that the diversity of vitality is revived, and the precipitation is precipitated into a new and unique historical memory and cultural identity. (ENDS)