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From the amnesty to the investiture of Pedro Sánchez, the political earthquake of November has ended up propelling EL MUNDO al día, the first daily newspaper of a major Spanish-language media, to 10 million listeners, a figure that represents the consolidation of the daily podcast of EL MUNDO as one of the great references of audio in Spain and that responds to the progression that the program directed and presented by Javier Attard and an Ondas award-winning has continued throughout its two years of life.

"We have created a family of listeners," says the journalist from Alicante, "regardless of the topic we are dealing with, we have a very loyal community that has become accustomed to listening to us, especially in the morning. We're part of their routine and that's our main goal."

EL MUNDO al día was born in June 2021 following the path opened by other major European and global media such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, Corriere della Sera or The Guardian. "We wanted to tell the news to listeners through a new narrative, but with the hallmarks that have always accompanied EL MUNDO," recalls Attard, founder of the project, "audio is not the future of the press but the present. After us, the newspapers of the rest of the Spanish newspapers were born."

Among the hallmarks of the newspaper included in the podcast is its commitment to reporting: "We have recorded a good part of our episodes on the ground with correspondents who, like Alberto Rojas and Javier Espinosa, are telling us what is happening in the war in Ukraine," explains Attard, who highlights the presence of EL MUNDO journalists as one of the keys to the success of his podcast: "Through them, their information and their analysis, we reach the listeners."

The director and presenter can't remember his life without radio. It was clear that his future was on the airwaves, what he never dreamed of was to be linked to a newspaper. "At first it was a bit shocking," he admits, "I had to adapt to the characteristics of the daily format: to be closer, more natural, to have a more intimate relationship with the listener and to get the formula to adapt the written information to the audio." A little more than two years later, he congratulates himself on the evolution of EL MUNDO al día: "We are close to recreating a conversation," he says, "it is a very artisanal job: from my role as a reporter every morning to the editing and editing work."

The most listened to episodes coincide with those that arouse the most interest on the street. The one that accumulates the most reproductions to date, more than 100,000, is the one that studies the case of Álvaro Prieto, the young footballer from Córdoba who died in strange circumstances at the Santa Justa station in Seville. In addition to the great war events, the episodes about the song that Shakira wrote for Piqué or the surrogacy of Ana Obregón stand out. With more than 70,000 subscribers on the different platforms and hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, in addition to the 10 million listens, EL MUNDO al día is also an opportunity to reach audiences less familiar with the daily press: 70% of its listeners are between 18 and 44 years old.

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