Fuzhou, November 11 (Zheng Jiangluo) The 27 Fuzhou High-quality Young Farmers Training Course opened in Fuzhou on the 2023th, and 27 rural youth representatives from both sides of the strait participated in the training, including 50 Taiwan trainees.

The training lasted for 2 days online and 5 days offline, and adopted a combination of theoretical concentration, on-site teaching and online learning, focusing on the promotion of rural revitalization policies, the exploration of agricultural product development models, and the creation of one village and one product.

Zhang Zhichuan, a young man from Taiwan, is engaged in leisure agriculture in Xiamen, which includes design, planning and operation. In Chang's view, Taiwan has advanced experience in agricultural technology, while the mainland has a unique advantage in new media.

When he first set foot on mainland China in 2010, Zhang Zhichuan became interested in agriculture and then started agricultural services in Xiamen. "Participating in this training, I want to have a more comprehensive understanding of the mainland's rural revitalization policies, master more resources, and learn more about new media operation and e-commerce." He said he is also looking forward to closer cooperation with the local community in the field of leisure farms in the future.

On the 27th, the 2023 Fuzhou High-quality Young Farmers Training Course opened in Fuzhou. Photo by Chinanews reporter Zheng Jiangluo

Zhu Huining, from Taipei, is an "animal communicator" and has set up a company in Xiamen that focuses on "pet communication", driving more people to pay attention to this field. In an interview with reporters, she said that in the mainland, there are more and more people who have pets, and there are more and more people who pay attention to the needs of pets.

Participating in this training, Zhu Huining hopes to have the opportunity to combine animal healing with rural areas, "At present, I am cooperating with some projects and looking for an entrepreneurial platform."

Liu Xiaojing, a Taiwanese youth who is also engaged in leisure agriculture in Fujian, believes that if you want to do a good job in leisure agriculture in the mainland, the combination of online and offline is very important. She is very much looking forward to learning more about mobile phone photography and new media through this course, and "linking" more locally, so that they can exchange each other's experiences in related industries and collide with new sparks.

The training course was jointly organized by the Fuzhou Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Fuzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, and undertaken by the Fujian Provincial Youth League School. The organizer said that it will focus on the overall planning and service of rural revitalization and youth development, continue to do a good job in the "introduction, selection, education, management, and use" of rural good youth, focus on the entrepreneurial skills of good rural youth, entrepreneurial resource docking and other diversified needs, integrate more policies, resources, and projects, rely on the promotion and publicity of Fuzhou Youth Entrepreneurship, and provide systematic supply and demand services for rural youth, encourage and guide more grassroots youth to devote themselves to agricultural development, and play a greater role in participating in rural revitalization and serving the development of rural youth. (ENDS)