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Defendant in court: Brutal action against climate activists


Bernd Wüstneck / dpa

The district court of Stralsund has imposed a four-month driving ban on a truck driver for his actions against members of the Last Generation and sentenced him to a fine. The man is to pay 1800 euros (60 daily rates of 30 euros each). The verdict is not yet final, the defense attorney announced an appeal.

The offence of attempted coercion was fulfilled because the defendant had pulled climate activists from the street in Stralsund in July, or had tried to do so, said the judge.

Other accusations of the prosecution, such as attempted dangerous bodily harm, were not considered proven by the judge. Among them was the accusation that the 41-year-old had deliberately hit an activist with his truck. In case of doubt, the defendant must be judged, according to the judge. It had not been clarified beyond doubt whether the driver had seen the activist in a special collision mirror or whether he had looked in the mirror at all.

Penalty order rejected

During the trial, a video showed how the driver stopped in front of the activists, got out and pulled them off the road, or tried to do so. He pushed a seated activist over and threatened her with his fist. He then drove up again, pushing an activist who had sat back down on the road in front of him. No one was injured.

The district court had to rule on the case because the truck driver had refused a penalty order. Accordingly, he should pay a fine of 5400 euros and surrender his driver's license for one year.