Solène Delinger 12:07 p.m., November 28, 2023

Candice doesn't know if she belongs at the Château de Dammarie-les-Lys... After Saturday night's prime, the academician voiced her doubts, with tears in her eyes, in front of the camera. "I'm on the shelf," she said, totally discouraged.

While many of the Star Academystudents shone on the night of the prime, Candice didn't make a spark. The 20-year-old, who is very shy, did not manage to impose herself during her duet with Pierre on the hit of the film Grease, You're the one that I want.

"I don't want to be behind all the time"

"I missed the beginning. At the end of the performance, I was like, 'No, can we do it again?' I'd love to shine on stage and in the classroom as well, and I feel like I can't do it. I want people to say 'yes, she's got a thing, this girl', I don't want to be that girl that's always behind," Candice explained to her friends Margot and Julien, just after the prime. Since the beginning of the adventure, the academician has struggled to find her place. It was her chemistry with Pierre during the evaluations that saved her from the nominations last week. But the teachers had already pointed out problems of accuracy...

"I'm dreading the debrief"

"I feel a bit like the weakest link in the whole team, it gets me drunk. I see them shining and I feel like I'm on the sidelines. I'm dreading Cécile's debrief tomorrow, plus there will be Slimane. I'm afraid it's too hard to watch," she told the camera.

On the big day, Cécile Chaduteau, the stage expression teacher, unfortunately did not spare Candice... . "So, Candice, it was complicated in terms of accuracy, it was a little off, so you have to work on accuracy, and as a duo, be careful not to let yourself be carried away by the other too, when you have problems with accuracy," said the teacher, right next to Slimane, who was exceptionally present for this debrief. The singer also took the opportunity to give valuable advice to Candice. "In fact, you start well and all of a sudden you go down, it's a good fit, for me, it's not something that's going to be difficult to work on, it's not your ear that's going to work (...) You can see that you hear, but it will be sorted out quickly," he assured with great benevolence. It remains to be seen if Candice has had time to work on her weaknesses before Tuesday's evaluations... Answer tomorrow in the daily newspaper!