Solène Delinger 13:11 p.m., November 28, 2023

On Monday, November 27th, the students of the "Star Academy" were treated to a little surprise visit from Pascal Obispo, who took the time to come to the castle to give them his precious advice. But his masterclass quickly turned into a succession of criticisms of the show and the academics, who were clearly not prepared for such blunt remarks!

After their godmother Vitaa, then Slimane, the students of the Star Academy received another distinguished guest at the castle... Pascal Obispo visited them on Monday to talk to them and give them valuable advice. But his masterclass was not as "sweet" as that of Vitaa and Slimane, both of whom were very benevolent. Pascal Obispo, on the other hand, was very blunt with the academicians. "I'm not sure you're the king of dance," he said to Julien, before admitting that he had never looked at the students but had only come across a performance by Axel.

"Obispo to Julien: I guess you're not the best dancer, are you?
Margot: - Oh, do you know us? Did you look at us?
Obispo: - No. I didn't want to.
Margot: - So you're judging us like that?
Obispo: - yes"

— Star_Ac_Fact (@StarAcFact) November 27, 2023

Pascal Obispo reframes Axel

So the poor academician took it for his grade... "I just saw you sing and make big gestures like that," commented Pascal Obispo, imitating Axel opening his arms wide. "I figured if you're not on a boat with Leonardo DiCaprio..." Lucie's interpreter then reframed the candidate on his gestures: "You don't need. You can do it on the mic, with nothing. In fact, it's even stronger, I think."

Pascal Obispo then warned the students against stage expression, one of the classes they take at the castle! "You have to be careful with the stage expression. My record company thought I didn't have charisma. I was forced to do things I didn't want to do. When you sing, it has to come from within," the artist said.

Pascal Obispo and his masterclass between debate .. and Axel taking a burst at the end

— PIERRE & JULIEN FTW (@anne_starac) November 27, 2023

"You Should Choose Your Songs from the Prime"

On his way, Pascal Obispo also criticized the functioning of Star Academy. "You should have a choice of your songs in prime. It's not good not to be able to choose. It's annoying because it's much better when you're in tune with what it's saying," he told the students, who didn't necessarily agree with him. Julien felt that this work was "good to do" even if "not necessarily pleasant".

"I don't think you can sing what doesn't suit you. I think we can only sing things that correspond to us, otherwise there's no point in singing!" retorted Pascal Obispo, provoking a silence in the room. "It's a stone in the pond!" he then quipped. Small remarks that divided Internet users: some found it "cash" but "fair", others simply "unpleasant" with the academicians. "Mind-blowing, stay home if you're going to behave like this," one fan of Star Ac commented on X (ex-Twitter). One thing's for sure: students won't soon forget Obispo's surprise visit!