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It may come across as a little cheesy. And yet, many Americans – and people around the world – are delighted with these images. Just in time for the start of Advent, First Lady Jill Biden presents the Christmas decorations in the White Haus.In this year it is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the fairy tale classic »The night before Christmas«.

Jill Biden, First Lady:

»It is this childlike wonder and awe that inspired us to create this year's holiday theme: "The Magic Wonder and Joy of the Season". Each room is designed to capture that pure, unfiltered joy and imagination. Because at this time of year you can see the wondrous sparkling eyes of the children.

98 fir trees and 142,425 lights can be admired – but also a shepherd dog. And contemplation is mixed into the pre-Christmas mood: the 5.49-metre-high Christmas tree with many golden stars and thousands of lights is also intended to commemorate fallen soldiers.

Jill Biden, First Lady:

»The first Christmas tree in the White House is decorated with gold star ornaments engraved with the names of fallen soldiers. This tree honors the heroes. I know that for many of those who helped with the decoration, it is a very emotional thing. Because I know that many Gold Star families have helped with this tree. In other words, relatives of those heroic men and women of our military who sacrificed their lives for our country - and the families who carry on their legacy. May God bless our troops and their families.«

Hundreds of volunteers worked on the decoration for a week. It is not only intended once for the cameras and otherwise for the Biden couple and the staff: In the next few days, tens of thousands of people will again admire the shiny and glittering White House as visitors.