A Christmas tree was set up in the sea in Kushimoto Town, Wakayama Prefecture, which is known as one of the leading diving spots in Japan.

The association made up of diving companies in Kushimoto Town sets up a Christmas tree in the sea at this time every year in order to revitalize the community.

On the 28th, eight divers, dressed in Santa Claus costumes, boarded a boat and headed to a dive site about 8 meters off the coast of Cape Shio, the southernmost tip of Honshu.

They then dived to the seabed at a depth of 200 meters and fixed the 18-meter-high Christmas tree using sandbags and ropes.

The Christmas tree was gorgeously decorated with ribbons and bells, creating an early Christmas atmosphere in the sea of Kushimoto.

Hiroyuki Michii (49) of the Kushimoto Diving Business Association said, "I want divers to enjoy the underwater Christmas tree, which can only be enjoyed at this time of year."

The underwater Christmas tree will be in place until the 25th of next month.