Solène Delinger 12:14 p.m., November 22, 2023

Karine Le Marchand would like to forget as soon as possible this season 18 of "L'amour est dans le pré", which she judged "catastrophic" at the microphone of BFMTV. Indeed, only one couple was formed during this last season, which nevertheless captivated millions of viewers.

Season 18 of Love Is in the Meadow has just ended. After twelve weeks of adventure, only one couple has been formed, that of farmer Patrice and his suitor Justine. The thirteen other candidates of the country dating program unfortunately did not find the one they loved. Never seen before...

"We don't sugarcoat things"

"We've never had such a catastrophic season in terms of the number of couples, we're not going to lie," Karine Le Marchand told BFMTV. For the host, this situation is proof of the authenticity of the program. "At least it's that we're not watering things down, we're not lying, and we're not pretending to have couples," she added.

A couple on the rocks

During the second part of the review of L'amour est dans le pré, broadcast this Monday, November 20 on M6, Patrice arrived hand in hand with his new partner Justine. Unfortunately, the lovebirds still haven't found a good balance and their relationship already seems to be on the rocks. "We need to get back to normal hours. Eat at 20 p.m. in the evening to enjoy an evening," Patrice pointed out, before explaining: "Sometimes we eat around 22 p.m., 22:30 p.m. I come home from work, I'm tired." The farmer would also like Justine to find a job. "You can work full-time. I'm working well all day," he said to his new girlfriend before warning her: "Can I talk to you honestly today? If you keep going like this, I'll end the relationship. It can't go on like this." Atmosphere!